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Organization’s strategy Essay

The Puck stop case is indicative of how an organization’s strategy can be used as a motivation for the customers to increase their loyalty and tendency to make sales within the organization. The patronage at Puck stop bars and restaurants took the Brainaic game seriously because they had an interest in taking the top position, while Puck stop pocketed high profits in the days where they often made poor profits. Mike and Hannah’s group are bringing out the aspect of team power in attaining a goal. Many aspects of team cooperation are identified in the case study including the importance of cooperation during the exercise of an undertaking.

The issue of conflicting interest between the two leaders has brought about the aspect of identification of sound leadership and authority thereof. Poor specialization was another theme that has dominated the story, while elements of a good communication system versus a poor one have also been highlighted. The element of cooperation was evidently not a matter of priority for the particular group in point and the effect it had on the group’s unity was detrimental. The following essay is the explanation of a structure that I would recommend for Hannah and Mike to

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adopt in their future games to stand a better chance of taking the top position.

The essay has utilized the input of the organizational structure, that of communication, as well as motivation in the explanation. Organization structure The most appropriate structure that Hannah and Mike would probably need to incorporate within the group to increase their chances of doing well would need to consider the role of leadership and the players therein. The group should assign the role of leadership to the leader who they feel would help them perform better.

The leader would need to be a visionary individual, with a clear conscience as what the group really requires in order to perform and one who would be trusted to capture all this in implementation. The leader would need to be vested with enough authority to develop a sound system to be followed in the selection and recruitment of the competitors for the group. The leader would also assume authority that he/she could use to summon the whole group to a meeting that would call for the contribution of each of the members of the group so that all their views would be heard, analyzed and incorporated in the game if found worthy.

This would definitely put the problem of having the multiple leaders attempting to each force their desires on the members and giving contradictory information as to what would prove the right step to take (Miner 2007p199). The group would need to adopt a system of division of roles for the group members. From the fact that the group had had familiarity with the nature of questions that were posed during the game and the topics from where they were drawn, it is possible that they had some ideas on what the nature of questions would be for the subsequent Brainiac games.

In fact they held meetings an hour prior to the start of the game where they would indulge in rehearsing in preparation for the game. Thus, forms this experience, they would have come together and made a contribution of the questions they felt would be asked for the following session, divide the questions topically, and then divide the questions into smaller groups among themselves for researching for the best suitable answers. this would mean that each subsection within the larger group have an area it is specializing in, and master the topic to a point where they could manage any question posed on this section.

It would assist to reduce the overload on the five individuals who exercised greatest contribution when the questions were posed to the group. This could help them with having an in depth research on the possible areas to be tested on and therefore pause a higher chance for them to strike the right answers (Hodgetts 2007p518). The group, as a whole, would need to come up with rules and regulations to govern the operations of the group; conduct of members, the system of answering of questions, and all the matters that affected the group as a whole.

It would also prove worthwhile to adopt policies of a similar nature and procedures that would compliment the policies, rules and regulations for the betterment of the overall group as a whole. It would prove helpful for the group to adopt a merit system for the purposes of recognizing the most active members in looking for the information and for the accurate provision of the accurate answers during the practice of the game itself. This would have the effect of encouraging the members of the group to practice enthusiasm and diligence in the fact finding exercise thus help to elevate the group’s overall performance.

The role played by exercise of impersonality for the larger group is discouragement. Impersonality by one or a number of the group members include shouting at others for wrong answers given, discriminating some of the group members and disregarding the contribution of some of the group members, among other forms of impersonality tendencies. Since a group acts a single entity, every group member’s contribution should be weighed against the known facts but not disregarded or even ignored.

Ignoring some of the group members or their contributions would definitely send a negative signal to them and they may decide to back off as they feel unwanted in the group. It would also prove good for the group to reduce bureaucracy as much as possible in order to create the environment of equality in the group. Equality would mean that all members of the group can be easily accessed by all the other members for their contribution towards a desired concept that would affect the group or its performance.

The leader therefore would only have the authority that would help him order the group into a proper unit but not to adopt a terrorist stance that would put every other member of the group off. Easy accessibility to the leader with the authority would also mean that issues that need speedy handling are treated with the urgency they deserve since the barriers caused by the bureaucratic processes are missing (Hodgetts 2007p517).

In the endeavor to make the group as friendly as possible to all the members, to make them active in the group, to actively seek for their contribution and for ensuring that the unity expected of the group is realized, the organic approach in organizational structure must be relied own. This is so because the organic structuring of the organization apparently embraces the team spirit in its dynamics. This structure calls for encouragement of the entire group into initiating changes within the group.

Since the group can initiate changes within the group depending on the need of the group, then it follows that the members manage to adapt to the changes within it at an impressive rate. The mechanistic approach presents the danger of posing rigidity in the minds of the members of the group to a point where none of the members can come up with good ideas to offer towards the betterment of the group. But in practice, the system of structure that works best is rather situational such that each situation is dealt with according to the matter at hand.

This means that elements of both structures are drawn from depending on the situation at hand. Generally though, the adoption of the organic system of structuring should be utilized for the greater part thus masking the mechanistic structure effectively. From the essay above, judging from the point of organization structure, Mike and Hannah should consider a system of group governance that would recognize the authority of an instrumental individual in the leadership of the group, share in the tasks available under a system of policies drawn form the contribution of the members.

In general terms, the organic organizational structure would prove the most workable for the group to boost its performance. Adoption of a system that seeks to actively call for the contribution of all the members using all possible means would work out for increasing the participation of the members (Green 2002p212). Communication within a group is of utmost importance for any given group of people since it is the life line through which members use to express their thoughts to the rest of the members.

Communication is by all means a unifying factor for the group since they manage to remain at a similar level through the input of the members. To boost the communication, Hannah and Mike would need to come up with a system of communication that would ensure that the members manage to give their thoughts on the ideas they would wish implemented within the group. The first step of relating communication would be to encourage the members of the group to come up with ideas of changing the performance of the group.

The inputs provided by the members would then validate them to be referred to as senders. The senders would only prove helpful if their contribution is actively sought for. Senders then voice out their concerns audibly for all other members to understand. Senders send the information through their bodily gestures, and the words of their mouth therefore both the words of mouth and gestures must not conflict in order that the wrong information is not translated (Miner 2007p198).

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