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OSCM Exam 1 – Practice Quiz #1

Customers who are both low revenue generators and low profit generators for a firm should be:
Reviewed for possible termination or continuation
Different levels of planning in supply chain operations management include
Strategic, tactical and operational planning
A supply chain is a global network of organizations and activities involved in
Designing, transforming, consuming and disposing of goods and services
Which of the following is NOT one of the processes included in operations managements?


That means Design, produce and deliver is

Every organizations operates which of the following types of supply chain?
Product and resource/technology supply chains.
Operations management is:
That management of processes
Anthony company has analyzed its customer bas and realizes that it has a few customers who provide both high revenue and high profitability. This suggest that the appropriate commitment to those customers would be:
Customer Success
The difference between a “Customer Success” focus and a “Customer Satisfaction” focus is that:
Customer satisfaction deals with expectations, customer success deals with requirement
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding supply chain management?

Globalization has slowed the growth of supply chain management

Thus it has:
-is a way of viewing operations management
-has grown as a result of a focus on core competencies
-is about making the most of relationship w/ suppliers

Which of the following statements most clearly expresses a company’s commitment to customer success?
“We attempt to meet the requirements of our customers”
A process is:
A system of activities that transforms inputs into valuable outputs.
A firm has established a standard of 96% for on-time delivery. Over the past month the firm determined it actually delivered 94% on-time. The difference is the:
Standards Gap
Alpha Company has a performance standard of 97% fill rate. Last month it achieved a 94% fill rate: This is an example of:
Performance Gap
Which of the following functions would NOT have to think about “processes”?
All logistics, production and supply management would have both think about “processes”.
Which of the following would NOT be under the direct control of operations manager?
What customers should be targeted with great priority.
Which measure of basic service will most likely show poorest performance for a firm?
Perfect orders
Commitment to “customer success” is likely the best approach for a firm to use with

None of these.

Not “All of its customers” or “customers who represent a small source of revenue for the firm” or “customers who have high expectations”.

Johnson Company makes widgets, which it then sends to Smith Company. Smith Company then puts the widgets in packages. Smith Company is considered by Johnson to be an:
Downstream Product Supplier
Which of the following statement are reasons why operations management is important?

All answers

-Efficient and productive operations drive the economic well-being of nations
-Operations Management is responsible for much of the value created by organizations
-Operations Management is a key source of competitive differentiation among firms

A company surveyed both its customers and its senior management about customer expectations. Senior management perceptions of customer expectations did not match customers actual expectations. This is an example of:
-Knowledge Gap
Which customer management approach requires a comprehensive supply chain perspective on the part of operations executives?
Customer Success
From an operations perspective, companies should strive to:
Realize different customer management approaches may be for different customers.
Physical goods can be differentiated from services in the operations management by:
Longer lead times and they can be inventoried.
Jones Company makes every effort to consistently meet the expectations of all its customers. It is clear that Jones Company is focused on:
Customer Satisfaction
Which of the following statements about operations management processes is NOT true?

-Outputs of operations management processes are always tangible goods.

All are true:
-Inputs to operation management processes can be materials, people and/or information
-Operation management processes involved transformation of inputs valuable outputs
-Design of operations processes should reflect what customers want

While there is overlap between operations management and supply chain management, the two are different in that:
Operations management focuses on processes, supply chain management focuses on relationship and flows.
With respect to lead-time performance, most customers would prefer which of the following form a supplier?
A consistent three-day lead time
Order-to-delivery lead time generally would be longest for which type of product?
One that is engineered to order
Growth of the supply chain management perspective in operations management results from the advent of”

All of the answers:

-Technology and infrastructure advances
-Collaborative networks
-A focus on core capabilities

What is the Unit Fill Rate?
Orders – 2,000
Units Ordered – 30,000
# of order lines – 6,000
Units Delivered – 28,500
Lines Delivered Complete – 5,600
Orders Delivered Complete – 1,820



A firm has found that it provides 90% perfect order fill rate, 90% on-time delivery, 90% of its order arrive at customers’ destination in perfect condition, 90% of all the time documentation is correct. These are elements of a perfect order for this company is customers. If the firm improves its performance in on-time delivery to 98% perfect what is the new perfect order performance?



An example of strategic planning is:
Deciding where to locate a new manufacturing plant
Which of the following factors is a major change that supply chain managers are concert about?

All of the following;

-Technology changes
-Regulatory changes
-Global political changes

Which functional activities are the most related to operations management attempts to manage the flows of materials and information in a firm?
Logistics, supply and customer management.
Customer relationship management attempts to:
Ensure the development of strategically appropriate relationships with customers
What is the line fill rate?
Orders – 2,000
Units Ordered – 30,000
# of order lines – 6,000
Units Delivered – 28,500
Lines Delivered Complete – 5,600
Orders Delivered Complete – 1,820



Structural operations management decisions include:
Capacity, facilities, and technology
Joe Jonas was asked to undertake a project to determine the resources and capacity his firm would need in the next 3 to 10 years. These types of decisions are considered to be:
Structural aspects of operations management
During the “mass production” era, operations management focused primarily on:
Internal Production
The use of technology to collect and analyze data concerning customers’ buying behavior is an important aspect of:
Customer Relationship Management

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