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Outstanding manager

The question in focus pertaining to the relocation of Ms. Noble to Phoenix to open a new store for Fresh Foods is quite a perplexing one with equally strong arguments for and against the move. It is my aim to identify these arguments and present to you them so that it would become easier for you to analyze them and make a decision regarding the future of the store in Phoenix. Vivian Noble has been an outstanding manager at one of Fresh Food’s most successful stores.

Noble understand that accepting this task is a big challenge and vows to meet it by being undeterred through thick and thin. Noble knows that she will be residing in a city “where several cultures combine and collide” and yet is brave enough to come face to face with the challenge. This is an indicator of the level of her self-confidence and trust. Her new ideas regarding the attraction of local consumers by providing free delivery services, etc are innovative and can improve sales and brand image of Fresh Foods greatly. On the contrary, Ms.

Noble has been associated with prejudice earlier during her career, possibly leading the way to similar behavior at Phoenix as well. Since Noble “will be looking to hire employees with Hispanic and Native American roots, as well as older workers who can relate to the many retired residents in the area”, it is possible that she will be facing a lot of diversity issues. Ranging from resistance to disobedience to lack of motivation and dislike of Noble as a manager, the behavior of employees at Phoenix cannot be determined or predicted.

This could pose future problems in the long run which could prove to be disastrous to Fresh Foods’ image. It is up to the management to decide based on the evidence provided here whether Noble would do justice if selected for the position of opening the store at Phoenix however it is worth adding that she is a courageous person well equipped with the determination to succeed and persevere.