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Pain management- ATI

Wong Baker FACES pain scale to assist a patient in assessing his pain scale
This scale is useful for adult patients who have cognitive impairments
Two patients of different cultural backgrounds return from the same type of surgery 2 hours ago. what should the nurse expect to be the same for both patients?
Class of medication used to treat postoperative pain
what statement refers to pain quality
my pain feels like i’m being stabbed by a knife
intravenous morphine sulfate for postoperative patient.. pain management protocol that should be used by nurse
have an opioid antagonist available during the administration
Transfer to PACE following abdominal hysterectomy. Patient receiving PCA with IV morphine sulfate. One hour after patient has returned to unit, pain is still unbearable. Nurse checks PCA and determine that patient has made six attempts within the last hour. what actions should the nurse take after performing a pain assessment?
Check IV site and PCA pump for proper functioning
ED with severe pain following fall from ladder. Initial assessment reveals long term use of opioids for chronic pain. Which provider prescriptions for initial pain relief should a nurse question
Pentazocine (Talwin)
Frequent, severe migraine headaches tells nurse she has heard that biofeedback is effective in treating migraines. Patient asks the nurse to describe how this pain-relief method works. Nurse reply that biofeedback involves
measuring skin tension and using learned techniques to relieve pain
gradually helps the patient to identify physiological responses that can types of pain
Pentazocine (Talwin)
opioid/agonist/antagonist agent, may cause opioid withdrawal in a patient who is physically dependent on opioids

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