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Panel Agrees to Raise Spending on Airport

The New York Times article, “Panel Agrees to Raise Spending on Airport Improvements,” which was written by Matthew Wald and published on March 8, 2000, basically discussed the three-year plan of the U. S. House of the Representatives and the Senate called the Airport Improvement Program, which increases the budget allocated for the improvement of airports, air traffic control, and other areas in aviation by 30 % and allow airport officials to increase taxes on departure from $3 to $4. 50. In general the author provided a fair assessment of the current situation in the nation’s airport industry.

His main arguments were that there is a need to upgrade and modernize airports in order to improve service and the urgency to increase competition through in order to bolster competition. He also assumed that technology has allowed the scheduling of additional flights, which further raises the need to spend more on the airport industry. In order to substantiate his claims in the article, he used human perspectives, specifically legislators and airport authorities who are involved in the program.

For example, he quoted transportation secretary Rodney Slater and Senate Commerce Committee spokesman Scott Brenner, who both agreed that additional funds for airports are necessary. The two basically provided a human side to the article and thus made it more credible. In general, I agree with the author’s claims that the airport industry needs additional funding and it needs to raise its taxes in order to generate more revenue. Basically, airports are windows to other places or countries and they are important factors in the improvement of foreign relations and tourism.

Every year, thousands of people come and go to other states and other countries which is why it is essential that their flights are convenient, on time, and worth taxpayer’s money. And the only way to ensure that these standards are met is to allocate enough funds for the improvement of airport facilities and aviation in general. References Wald, M. L. (2000). Panel Agrees to Raise Spending on Airport Improvements. The New York Times. Retrieved March 23, 2009 from http://www. nytimes. com/2000/03/08/us/panel-agrees-to-raise-spending-on-airport-improvements. html? scp=8&sq=airport%20funding&st=cse.