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Personal Leadership Plan Essay

Leaders are considered to be an important organizational aspect and organizations stresses a lot on leaders and their efficiencies (Depree, 2004). Leadership is basically considered as a trait and it is quite difficult to define leadership because it occurs in different contexts (Northouse, 2006). As far as leadership styles are concerned there are different approaches and styles of leadership. These styles of leadership are based on certain assumptions and theories. Different leadership styles are based on organizational culture and norms that an organization uses.

As far as leadership styles are considered there are certain leadership styles like Charismatic leadership, participative leadership, Situational leadership, Transactional leadership, Quiet leader, Servant Leadership. Therefore, we can say that from Jack Welch to Mahatma Gandhi and from Rudolph Giuliani to Martin Luther King all have different leadership styles and these leadership styles are opted by different leaders of today’s world (Yukl, 2009). Personal Leadership Style Although there are different leadership styles but the styles I posses in is known as “Charismatic leadership”.

The basic constituents of my leadership style is taking the team together and managing the employees by aligning them with the organizational vision and mission. Similarly, my leadership styles focuses on all the employees and

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every subordinate can give their feedback and comments on a certain situation. Moreover, subordinates mingle with the leader and they can share their views about a certain organizational issue. My leadership style is charismatic in nature and that is the reason this style stresses on giving confidence to the subordinates.

The style of leadership is persuasive is nature and these types of leaders use both body language and verbal cues to talk with their subordinates. In this style of leadership the leader stresses a lot in achieving organization goals and he/she focuses on achieving organization efficiency through techniques like story telling with the effective use of symbolism and metaphor. This leadership style is used by many politicians because they want to influence large gatherings. This type of leadership approach is used by many religious scholars too.

My leadership style contains all these traits and my leadership style creates an unchallengeable position for an organization. The leadership style that I follow gives a high level of self belief and that is the reason my followers follow my instructions. However, in certain cases the followers are intolerant from certain challenges and they depict an indifferent attitude. Leadership model and strengths and weaknesses of personal leadership style Since my style of leadership is charismatic leadership and the model that suits my leadership style is path goal model.

The path goal model is based on rewards and in this model the leader clarifies the path to goal and then specifies certain rules and regulations. As far as strengths and weaknesses of my leadership styles are concerned they vary from situation to situation but the most obvious strengths and weaknesses are listed below: Strengths of my leadership style: • I work hand in hand and collaborate with my subordinates. • Focusing on rewards and motivating the employees through rewards is the basic constituent of my leadership style.

• I follow the team environment in my organization and subordinates and superiors work as a team on a certain task. • I also lead by employees by working on the principle of managing by example and I first set the example and then ask my subordinates to do that. • The benefits are shared with the entire team and as a result of which the entire is motivated and ultimately the performance of the team enhances. Weaknesses of my leadership style: • The biggest weakness of my leadership style is that I cannot manage culturally diverse people and I can only manage people of United States.

• Managing tasks on a timely manner is quite difficult too. Measures to overcome the weaknesses Certain measures must be taken to overcome the weaknesses. These measures would include training and development through current leaders that can transform the personality of an individual (Depree, 1993). Similarly, certain workshops can also help me in changing my attitude towards culturally diverse individuals and through effective training sessions I can manage my time as well as other resources. Leadership styles I admire the most

There are two individuals whose leadership styles I admire the most and these two individuals are Jack Welch and Steve Jobs. Both these individuals are considered as a legend in their area of business and many leaders have transformed their personalities just by working on the footsteps on these individuals. Steve Jobs is the founder of Macintosh by every means he is considered as a transformational leader. The biggest and the strongest part of his leadership is that he has not studied from a proper institute and he was a drop out but still he is running an enormous organization.

His transformational strategies are quite effective and people are attracted by them (Rue & Byars, 2008). The strongest and the effective part of his leadership is that he creates a sense of energy in the team and people are motivated with his approach. Jack Welch is the former CEO of General Electric and he is considered as one of the greatest and the most effective management leaders of all time. His leadership style is charismatic and charisma is embedded in his personality.

Jack Welch stresses a lot on productivity and that is the reason why he pushed his managers to increase the productivity. He emphasizes on organizational efficiency that is the reason why he has written many books on leadership and management (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2007). Conclusion Therefore, we can conclude that leadership is an effective trait one should posses and every individual in an organization must possess this trait in order to excel in the organization. Theories of management have no importance if they are not implemented by a proper leader.

Therefore, every individual must follow a certain leadership style to achieve effectiveness and effectively in both the short and the long run. As far as my personal management style of leadership is concerned I focus on managing charismatically and try to copy the styles of Jack Welch and Steve Jobs. Finally, leadership is embedded in every individual but the main point is that whoever identifies this trait and focuses on it can succeed in his/her life because leading others is the true essence of life.

References Depree, M. (2004). Leadership Is an Art. Broadway Business. Depree, M. (1993). Leadership Jazz. Dell. Hersey, P. , Blanchard, K. , & Johnson, D. (2007). Management of Organizational Behavior. Prentice Hall. Northouse, P. (2006). Leadership: Theory and Practice. Sage Publications. Rue, L. , & Byars, L. (2008). Management: Skills and Application. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Yukl, G. (2009). Leadership in Organizations . Prentice Hall.

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