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Personnel Manual Analysis

The Personnel Handbook has given much clarifications and ideals on the conduct that should be adhered to by the employees of the company. It has placed an authoritative and professional language and will be given credit to the fact that it has discussed the basic things that the employees should know. Throughout the handbook, it can be seen that it has been in the best interest of the company that this handbook is given to the employee.

This is to say that there are certain provisions where the company has its best foot forward and its interest placed before that of the employee. For example, under the section of “policies subject to change”, it is stated that “Our Company continually reviews its personnel policies and employee benefits and reserves the right, based upon its sole discretion, to supplement, delete or amend any provision or policy contained in this handbook and any employee benefits at any time.

” This gives the company the arbitrariness in placing policies without consulting the employees with regard to it. It would be highly suggested that the company should be able to create and atmosphere of participative decision-making. It should not always be at the “sole discretion” of the company that decisions are made. It would be of more advantage to the company when the employees are allowed to express their views and opinions on matters which concern them because there might be some ideas from the employees that the management has missed.

There is no better source of good ideas than those who experience it themselves. The most important amendment that should be amended in this employee handbook is under the section of “term of employment. ” It should never be that the employee would be terminated “with or without cause” because this would create a negative effect on the employee and is against labor laws. An employee should always have the right to due process and should be given the proper proceedings that is of a credible tribunal before being subjected to termination.