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Harrow College

Harrow College. Political Harrow College is working as independently college. If the government takes action there will be a risk of Harrow College fail to deliver the policy or they may be diverted away from local priorities. The government legislation may force Harrow College to be self managing and self financing. Economic The government may influence the financing decision from Harrow College by cutting the budget from schools.

The location of Harrow College may influence their budget cause if they are not seen on the market there will be a low recruitment and as consequence there will a small number of students. The needs of students from Harrow College to have fruits in the morning may influence their budget. The cost of providing resources it may influence their budget for example the wage of the staff (teaching & support), basics (books/paper) and technology such as laptops. Social A decline in birth rate will influence Harrow College by new students to come to their college.

Demographic changes may affect likely the student’s rolls or the nature of dents needs e. G. Students with English as a second language etc. An advantage for Harrow College may be that their location has nearby many local

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firms that offer jobs to students or different apprenticeship. This will increase the number of new students. Integration with local community Integration of students with special needs Good communication with parents may help Harrow College to get more students. Harrow College aim is to give as much as possible information on the web in order for foreign students to have access to information.

Technological Harrow College may need new equipments in order to be the requirement standard. Possibility of choosing the wrong technology at times of change (I. E. Windows) Harrow College may get infected with viruses on their computes if they don’t update their anti-virus. New computers may create difficulty for staff because they may not be use to the new technology. Harrow College may get their image crashed by posting on the internet illegal images. ALBA may get some difficulties on move from the paper based to e-book readers. The staff will need training in order to cope with it.

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