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Pest analysis of LEAX group

Regulation in the labor market in Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Brazil and China, such as Labor laws, working hours, termination notices 2. Regulation of the environmental legislation, such as pollution issues management 3. Regulation of quality issues, such as safety, environmental friendly 4. Regulation of the strategic alliance in different countries, such as Joint venture, acquisition 5. Taxation regulations to different countries 6. Trading policy, agreements, contract terms

Economic Factors: 1. Fluctuate of foreign exchange rate 2. Economic conditions in local and the foreign countries, growing or declining (Demand) 3. Skilled labor concerns, will it be expensive to hire skilled labor? (Heavy commercial vehicles) 4. Local economic environment concern due to globalization 5. The cost of resources supply in production (Heavy commercial vehicles) 4. Local economic environment concern due to Socio-cultural Factors: 1. Local union protection, such as employment issues 2.

The population growth rates and age profile, adequate skilled labor force supply? 3. Social cultural factors, gender rules in employment Technological Factors: 1. Technology quality systems support – ALEX Quality (found as Q-Control) 2. Machinery infrastructure support – in production components 3. AT skilled labor Pest analysis of ALEX group By Thomson pools – in making solution 4. Technology systems in communicate

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with the suppliers and customers Machinery infrastructure support – in production components 3. IT skilled labor

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