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Pest HTC

ETC- Something Beautiful Is Coming Internal Analysis History and Growth ETC was founded in 1997 by Cheer Wang and her husband. Wang wanted to manufacture personal digital assistance under contact of established brands. However, the company failed to convince buyers. Instead remained focused on contract manufacturer’s mobile phones according to its customer’s strategic priorities. Cheer approaches the business with the eyes of the customer.

ETC had untutored contacts into valuable business relationships, creating products that embodied customer-oriented design with advanced technology to cast a reputation for consistency and excellence that many industry valued and applauded. In mid 2000, ETC started making customized smart phones running on windows operating system for Deutsche Telecoms and Avoidance. This proved strategically shrewd, creating potential growth without having to rely on handset manufacturers. Facts and Figures ETC started making customized smart phones running on windows operating system for Deutsche Telecoms and Avoidance.

This proved strategically shrewd, creating attention growth without having to rely on handset manufacturers. Under this ‘operator business model’, sales exploded, growing 100% annually, with net profits rising some 300% per annum since 2003. ETC soon became darling of the market, with share prices soaring 1000% in March 2006. Mission A customer oriented positioning that

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communicated its strengths and tapped into the zeitgeist of its target market- tech savvy trendy customers interested in performance and design. Strategy Business Strategy- Sustained on ‘operator business model’, proved immensely successful.

Functional (Marketing) strategy- The key to its strategy was its partnership with networks such as avoidance Internet and viral marketing proved effective Sponsorship of the Columbia -ETC cycling team in 2009 ensured messaged reached millions of viewers worldwide Key Resources Research and Development of a decade- innovation Human resource marketing team Goodwill Competencies/ Sources of competitive advantage/Distinctive Capabilities Partnerships Product design One of the best implementation of Android SO Value Chain External Analysis pest ETC By Gaze Industry structure- Oligopolies

Highly competitive Frequent trends and developments Industry life cycle stage- mature but short product life cycle Major players- Apple, Blackberry, Monika, Samsung, Sony, LEG optimum Competitive forces Rivalry- high Substitutes- high New entrants- moderate Suppliers Customers PESTLE Political- government policy and support Economical- recession, inflation Social- entertainment Technological- innovation and technology Environmental- raw material used Legal- copyrights and trademarks SOOT Strengths Brand identity/ brand name Reputation for high- tech expertise and great design

Network partnerships with Avoidance, windows, HP and Google. ETC chose the right partners (giant players in software industry, such as Microsoft) to cooperate with to enter the market with less risk. Strength in hardware design and strong manufacture capacity: provides high quality products with high technology and innovation. Power in negotiating prices User friendly Known for best overlay of Android SO with ETC interface High product quality Highly popular in the urban market. Recognized by end users. Weakness Lacks investors confidence Mostly Touch phones

Too related on Microsoft’s platform which was not mainstream in the smart phone system market. Limited of advertising and marketing Brand awareness is weak Opportunities Growing and untapped market for Android 36 tech. Is booming in current years, and G is coming in the phone market. Threats Other Taiwanese competitors were catching up in the EDM market Lots of new entrants Jumped into handset market. (Apple, Samsung, RIM… ) Lots of new entrants penetrated into system platform market. (Apple, RIM, Google) More technology and innovation are used on smart phone. Product cycles are getting short Price will come down

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