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Pest Analysis Of Data Motors

It has a market share of 64% which has always remained constant. It is Indian’s largest automobile manufacturer in terms of revenue. It is world’s 4th Biggest Truck producer and world’s 2nd Bus Producer. Data Motors has global presence and in process of acquiring M;A recent Acquisition is with Jaguar. Weakness: Return on Investment on Data Motors Shares is Low which makes Investors Reluctant On Investing in Data Motors. Products made by Data Motors aren’t considered Luxurious. Products generally targeted for Economy class. Safety Standards anti maintained.

One weakness which is often not recognized is that in English the word ‘TAT’ means rubbish. Opportunities: In summer of 2008 Data motors announced that it Purchased Land rover and Jaguar from Ford motors. Two of world’s luxury brands have been added to its portfolio will undoubtedly off company’s chances to market vehicles in luxury segments. Anna cheapest Car in the world- retailing at a price slightly higher than a Motor bike. Threats: Other competing car Manufacturers have been in Passenger Car business for 40 or more years. Therefore Data Motors have to catch-up in terms of quality and lean production.

Sustainability and Environment concern means extra cost for this Low-cost producer. Low safety measures

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can hamper public trusts which may prove fatal to its domestic market. Political Analysis : Since Data Motors operates in multiple Countries in Europe, Africa and Australia. It not only needs to comply with the political Climate but also the rules and regulations in all countries it operates in while giving close attention to government bodies. Law governing Trade, Commerce, Growth and Investment are pendent on Local government as well. On March 2008 Data Motors Reached an agreement with Ford to purchase Land rover and Jaguar.

In order to be Capable of this acquisition, Data Motors must have full Comprehension of Governing bodies, laws regulating Commerce in home Country, the United Kingdom but also in the Pestle By majordomos countries Jaguar and Land rover Operate in. Data Head Quarter in Iambi Strictly Controls and regulates operations in all Its dealerships and subsidiaries, in addition to abiding the political laws of countries where they have manufacturing units. This ill be epically Vital in futures as Data Motors Continues to expand and grow into new markets.

Social Analysis : Undoubtedly, the beliefs, opinions, and general attitude of all the stakeholders in a company will affect how well a company performs. This includes every stakeholder from the CEO and President, down to the line workers who screw the door panel into place, from the investor to the customer, the culture and attitude of all these people will ultimately determine the future of a company and whether they will be profitable or not. For this reason, Data Motors tends to use an integration ND rarely separation technique with foreign companies they acquire.

The demographics and the average income of each market play an important part in Sales. For egg Italians have a higher average income per capita than Indians and Italian citizens tend to drive larger and fancier cars. For this reason, the Data Anna might not do so well in the Italian market. Technical Analysis: Data Motors and its parent company, the Data Group, are ahead of the game in the technology field. The Data Group as a whole has over 20 publicly listed enterprises and operates in more than 80 countries world-wide.

This equates to Data Motors having lots of experience and resources to draw from for research and development purposes. “The foundation of the company’s growth is a deep understanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through leading edge R;D” (Data). Employing 1,400 scientists and engineers, Data Motors’ Research and Development team is ahead of the pack in Indian’s market and right with the rest of the field internationally. Tat’s firsts are “the first indigenously developed Light Commercial

Vehicle, Indian’s first Sports Utility Vehicle and, in 1998, the Data Indict, Indian’s first fully indigenous passenger car,” as well as the increasingly famous Data Anna, which is projected to be the world’s cheapest production car (Data). Economic Analysis: Operating in numerous countries across the world, Data Motors functions with a global economic perspective while focusing on each individual market. Because Data is in a rapid growth period, expanding or forming a Joint venture in over five countries world-wide since 2004, a global approach enables Data

Motors to adapt and learn from the many different regions within the whole automotive industry. They have experience and resources from five continents across the globe, thus when any variable changes in the market they can gather information and resources from all over the world to address any issues.. For instance, if the price of the aluminum required to make engine blocks goes up in Kenya, Data has the option to get the aluminum from other suppliers in Europe or Asia who they would normally get from for production in Ukraine or Russia.

Data Motors also has to pay lose attention to shifts in currency rates throughout the world. Currency fluctuations can equate to higher or lower demands for Data vehicles which in turn affect profits TTY It can also mean a rise in costs or a drop in returns. But they also nave to pay attention to not Just the domestic currency, the rupee, but also to the dollar, Euro, baht, won, and pound, to Just name a few. Just because the rupee is strong against the dollar does not mean it is strong against all the other currencies. Attention to currency is important because it influences where capital investment will develop and prosper.

Environment Analysis: Data Motors tries to preserve Environment by different means. All Data Manufacturing units have been certified to ‘SO: 14001- Environment management system(MESS) standard. Data Motors considers energy Conservation Critical to the operation to its manufacturing units. Apart from operational cost energy saved amounts to environment protection by way of avoiding pollution due to power generation process. Re-cycling and using water. Legal Analysis: Data Motors had planned to built a plant at Singer WEB, where it wanted to manufacture Anna car. Early in the 2011 Government of WEB Enacted “The

Singer land rehabilitation and Development act 2011″ to return the acquired land to original land owners. Data motors opposed this act and moved to Calcutta high court and challenge this act. The court Directed the government to compensate data motors as per the provisions of land acquisition act of 1894 and has asked the state machinery to ensure the smooth transfer of land to original owners. However following the strong protest from local framers Tat’s decided to scrap this project and move to Gujarat. It took about 14 months to built a new factory in Sands, Gujarat. Problems faced in Global Operation

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