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Pfizer puts the emphasis on people Essay

How would you suggest that Pfizer evaluate the performance of scientists who work on drugs that never make it to the market? The nature of the market of the pharmaceutical industry warrants specially designed evaluations system for the Pfizer scientist, who research works on drugs never make it to the market. These scientists were originally recruited into the company, because of their unique talents and passion for unearthing life saving drugs, hence their performances must be regarded as continuous investment into those future products that will take the market,

and generate billions for the company, as well as saving millions of lives globally. They need to be told that they are not working for the short term rewards, but are in the company for the long haul, and one major breakthrough, will be worth that all the months of hard work ad trial and failures. Research work, they must be reminded, is hard work, but they must not lose sight of the prize, after all the trials and errors are over. It is the norm for the industry, and the means why the company will advance in the future. In the course of the evaluations Pfizer must told the scientist that

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the company need

them, the same way they need the company, and by this common bond the world will be healthier. Pfizer should also make it clear, that it is behind them all the way and will continue to provide the latest research technique or technological innovation, required to advance their work, and their productivity is measured differently form those on the production, sales, quality control, administration, or distribution areas, therefore they should not make comparisons, because it will only lead to frustrations, de-motivations, and even resignation.

Each member should be evaluated on the basis of their input against the total team effort, in terms of research work done, which has exhausted possibilities in specific areas. They must be reminded, that if there was success in the areas where they have researched, they would have found it, and they must move on to other areas to see what lies ahead. The organization they should be told, is about recruiting and retaining the best passionate scientific personnel it can find, and train them to become world leaders, who will fight constantly to change the health landscape for the good of humanity.

As the evaluation session continues, evidence of the company’s commitment to the to its vision and mission statements regarding people, should be highlighted, to drive home the point. They should be told that during the last financial year, the company spent $150,000, on retention, and benefited with and $3m increase in productivity overall. Pfizer should also make it clear, that the way forward will be no different, and these quality scientist are every much a part of the retention strategy, to advance the company ahead of its competitors.

The evaluation exercise therefore, should be one that is filled with motivational inputs, so that these scientist are encourage to continue their work, and fulfill the philosophy its chief executive officer, Dr. McKinnell, who said, people, especially these rare scientific talents will make the difference. Finally they should be told that not having products coming to the market is regarded as an elimination process, in the quest to find ways and means to extend lives globally, the same way Lipitor, and Zoloft had impacted. Question #2

Which of the four testing (if any) would you recommend that Pfizer use in selecting among applicants for the research and development positions? Answer In order to ensure the persons recruited for the research and development positions are the right job fit, the Personality Test would be the most appropriate to use. This is because of the low success rate in the industry, in terms of products going to market, and scientist with the wrong temperament, even though well qualified academics, may end up discouraged, burnt out, and with low self esteem, for even future research

assignments. The passage of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988, has led to an increasing number of employers turning to the Personality Test, as a means to recruit candidate with the right psychological make up for their organizations, and Pfizer should be no different, because the aim is, to establish future employees’ propensity to be honest. (Wendover, 2002) Pfizer has the responsibility to ensure that the guidelines of the personality test are valid and reliable, non-discriminatory, and are not the sole basis for hiring decisions,

then communicate the same to those that will be affected, so that they will have the necessary confidence to pursue them without inhibitions. It will also help to ensure the company’s quest to recruit the best talents for its research and development department, are realized. The Personality Test, when efficiently applied can ensure highly motivate employees are brought into the company, because employers will have an idea of the psychological characteristics of the employees, and be able to assign them to those of similar make up, and allow their team chemistry and synergy to develop, for the best interest of the

company. The organization overtime, would ideally placed to successfully utilize the test, because it would have built up an impressive inventory of successful recruits, and can make analytical comparisons, which will enhance its hiring decisions. Once these scientist are able to pass these tests, especially the dependability aspect, the company will be well served in the future, bearing in mind it’s training, motivational, and retention strategies. The success rate in terms of research work, will no doubt increase, with the attrition

rate decreasing, and the possibility of synergy then becomes a reality, the longer the team work together to find the right mix of products for the market. Candidates may do exceptionally well in the aptitude, achievement, and vocational test, but when faced with persistent failures in research work, may not endure, and leave the company, causing it to seek replacements, perhaps at appreciable higher cost. This test will help to determine the true character of all personnel under duress, and help to guide managers in their hiring decisions, as to who will be able to operate under its vision,

mission and succession philosophy. Pfizer after the process, will be confident of success, due to the use of the Personality Test, because when its hires are sent to work with medical professionals, or in specific disease related areas like diabetes, in different states or on other continents, they constantly confirm the attributes, and skill they had shown during the exercise. Question #3 Do you agree with Pfizer hefty investment of time, money, and effort in training? Explain Pfizer investment in time, money, and effort in training is commendable for many

reasons. They must have realized it is going to take people of quality to get the results they Require, to remain competitive in the pharmaceutical market, and decided to ensure they are present in research, sales and marketing, administration, production, information services, management, and distribution. A well trained employee is an asset, ready to be released against all competitors, nationally and globally, and it is one of the best ways to reduce the levels of deficiencies, and rejections, in this very sensitive industry, where people’s confidence can be

destroyed, by one unfavorable incident. Pfizer may have also have concluded that, once it can get feedback from its well trained employees, as to what they are thinking, they can develop strategies that will keep them in the company, and reduce the cost of training for future recruits. Overtime the well trained employees will gain significant increases in their learning curves, and are able to contribute to higher productivity, which include the success rate for products going to market. There is also the possibility that their optimized contributions, may lead to the

discovery of new market strategies, product use ideas, and systems innovations, that once implemented, may lead to revenue generations in the order of billions of dollars. The nature of the competition in the pharmaceutical industry, may have forced many competitors to turn to innovation, in order to remain competitive, and Pfizer‘s in this regard, must look to research and development within its organization, to achieve this. This can only be done with the constant recruitment of quality and passionate scientific orientated individuals; a strategy that requires significant input of time, money and

strategized trainings. Pfizer has also the potential overtime, to replicate the quality cadre of research teams developed in any one area, by means of training even online, by means video conferencing, and all other sophisticated methods that are available. This will enable it to meet all the demands made on their products globally. The achievement from the investment in money, time and training will also impact on the future recruitment at colleges, universities, employment agencies, and other venues, as prospective candidates will regard the company in favorable light in terms of career

choice. Recruiters can also with confidence and assurance target the best performers, and bring them into the organization, thereby enhancing the sustainability and succession planning strategies of the company. So in the final analysis, Pfizer strategy to pursue this area in its operation, was a well thought out one, and is worthy of emulation across not only this industry, but all others, because the returns can be phenomenal in terms of growth and development. Reference 1. Wendover, Robert, W. 2002, 3rd edition, Smart Hiring, pp. 158-159, Sourcebooks Inc, Naperville, Illinois

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