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Problem Statement

The website of Office Depot has brought many customers over the years. The growth of customers also translated to a growth in customer orders, which created a problem for the company. The current website was not designed to handle and process orders at the rate of the current demand. Therefore, an overhaul to the site’s ordering and processing system should be made to make it more efficient and effective. Project Description The project will be done in order to increase the reliability of the website to handle and process orders.

The look and feel of the website will be the same, however, the pages devoted to business transactions will be streamlined. The system supporting the site will also be improved and new software that could help solve the inefficiency problem will be used to make transactions and order processing better. Project Goals and Objectives The goals and objectives are directed toward making the process of ordering online more efficient in the long run.

This will be measured by the time it takes for the customer to order to the time the products are to be shipped out to them. The goal is to reduce this time dramatically and for all right orders

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to be delivered to the right destination Project Scope The project will include the revamping of the site for its product ordering system, but not its other services. Project Includes Ordering pages Product catalogue pages Customer account pages Customer Service pages

Project Excludes Delivery Business Services pages Project Authority and Milestones Funding Authority The funding given by the owners and stakeholders amounts to a total of $500,000 taken from the company’s own capital budget allocation. Project Oversight Authority The current IT manager will have the overarching authority over the project. He will be assigned to accept and reject the changes and select the team and the company that Office Depot will be working with.

The team will be composed of representatives from the IT and customer service departments in order to ensure that the changes are exactly what the company needs and what the consumers want. Major Project Milestones The following are the milestones for the project Milestone/Deliverable Planned Completion Date Gathered quotations and proposals from IT companies 6-28-2010 Finalized appropriate company to work with 6-30-2010 Finalized the deliverables of the IT company contracted 7-20-2010 Initial testing of the deliverables 9-20-2010 Final Testing of the deliverables 10-20-2010 Critical Success Factors

Critical to the success of the project are finding the suitable IT company that will make the system for the company as well as making the transfer of the system smoothly from the IT company to Office Depot’s control. Assumptions The assumption for this project is that hiring an IT company who will work on the project will be more efficient and would take an average of three months to complete. It is also assumed that the IT team of Office Depot is competent enough to have the control of the site and the system transferred to them after the IT company has created it for them.

Constraints Constraints might be with the budget since the there is yet to be an assessment from other companies for there to be a benchmark on how much the whole project costs. Also, time constraints could be an issue especially if the project is taking longer than anticipated. Project Facilities and Resources The project facilities and resources required are as follows Resource Requirement Responsibility New hardware required for the new system IT staff Training area for the new system for IT stff IT manager

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