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Process of New System Development

The process of new system development involves following processes: 1. Development of Systems as Planned Organizational Change The establishment of a new system involves much more efforts than the establishment of new hardware and software, as it comprises modifications in jobs, skills, management and organization it self. The installation of a new system is a kind of planned organizational change; so Comair should also start its legacy system replacement by redesigning a planned organizational change. Company Executives should try to understand how new system will affect the organization, as a whole.

The nature of the work groups also need to be considered significantly. 2. Linking Information Systems to the Business Plan After developing planned organizational change, Company Executives needs to decide the various components of new systems; so that it can be related to the company’s business plan. For this Comair’s IT executives need to develop an information system plan. This plan will serve as a road map, which will indicate the management of all the direction of system development, the principle, the course position, the management scheme, the execution plan and the budget 3.

Establishing Organizational Information Requirements For the development of new information system plan, Comair must have an apparent apprehension of both its long-term and short- term information necessities. For the establishment of necessity information requirements, the techniques that can be used by Comair are as described: ? Organization Analysis: This analysis involves an analysis of the entire organization; its units, functions, processes and various data elements. ? Strategic Analysis: This analysis involves an analysis of small critical success factors of Comair’s IT managers.

This analysis gives us an idea of the strategic goals that can be accomplished by company managers. 4. System Development and Organizational Change After the undertaking of all the above steps, this step incorporates the development of new system and organizational change. Here, we discuss the effectiveness of new system development by explaining forthcoming organizational change, as Comair can acquire many benefits by applying a new legacy system, which is 11 years old. New legacy system will enable its crew scheduling, which was broken down due to ageing of its old system.

The new system will enable Comair in redesigning its operations. New system further can encourage various degrees of organizational change at Comair which can be as given: ? Automation ? Rationalization ? Re-engineering ? Paradigm shifts (Redesigning the Organization with Information System) The organizational change which Comair can achieve with the development of new system is automation and rationalization of their crew scheduling. These comparatively quiet and slow-altering strategies will render modest returns and lowering of risk to Comair.