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Product Pricing

The company sought to ensure that its pricing was aligned not only to the projected earnings but also the globally set pricing levels. Crude oil pricing as well as prices for refined products are determined by global markets that consist of the buyers and sellers’ response to their sole needs as well as the view held on supply and demand. A balanced marketplace can only be realized if the policies and initiatives that sustain the fundamental trade and industry ground rules are advanced.

Though there have been major recent decreases in crude and gasoline prices recently seen in the United States, ExxonMobil has constantly supported the advancement of various energy sources, such as improved domestic oil and gas manufacture both onshore and offshore, development of alternative resources such as oil shale and oil sands e. t. c. The company has also sought to focus its efforts to the continued reduction of the complex and limiting factors that seems to engulf the refinery and logistics systems owing to the creation of specialty fuels.

Low or high price fluctuations does not deter the company’s success in any market it sets to explore and the main reason for this continued success, the company makes informed and long-term decisions rather than rash investments. Strategic Partnerships ExxonMobil well knows the importance of engaging in strategic joint ventures that would ensure the company’s continues quality service delivery and competitiveness in the market. Some of the major partnerships and joint ventures that the company has engaged in for competitive advantage and quality service delivery are:

ExxonMobil Aviation, one of the company’s leading business sectors, state that their award-winning Fixed Based Operator (FBO) Network, Avitat, will be employ the latest software collection to enhance the company’s capacity to offer outstanding service. The inventiveness driving this advanced tool is referred to as “Avitat Networking. ” Limited to the Avitat member FBOs, it comprises custom-made software fashioned purposefully to enhance Avitat’s networking capacity. FBOs are a collection of all the service providers stationed at the airport or airfield.

These service vendors offer services that include, but are not limited to aircraft maintenance, fuel, car leasing, flight training, aircraft transactions as well as secure and comfy passenger lounges and services. Majority of the known FBOs are put together to supply to the needs and requirements of exclusive jet air charter services and they focus in the management of VIP aircraft with a high quality services. ExxonMobil’s aviation fuels industry is one of the leading in worldwide jet fuel supply. By partnering with FBOs the company’s ability to create a vast market niche in the aviation industry is sure to have great impact and success.

ExxonMobil Chemical’s desire to enhance butyl rubber production capacity in Japan, led to the joint venture in the management of a production plant with Japan Butyl Co Ltd, a butyl rubber manufacturing company in Japan. Increase in butyl rubber production would then translate to high profitability and increased market niche. Joint ventures in Qatar will give Exxon Mobil Corporation the capacity to participate in starting up projects that are projected to supply more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the high markets such as the UK, more than any other oil and gas company globally.