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Project Management Case Study Essay

As we look at most companies today and how they manage to stay successful, you have to wonder how the projects were planned from within the inside to enable them to have the success that they. Well first of all with the many projects that each company goes through they have to really plan it very carefully to insure that it goes the way it’s planned. There are a lot of today’s companies that have failed to become the company that they planned to be, but a lot of this comes from the project not being planned out carefully. A lot plays a big part into a project being successful; you have to have the correct management in place which is important.

Of course your CEO has the biggest part of all meshing the team together to put the project together that’s going to be the success of the company. Let’s take a look at a former company that seems to be doing pretty good right now and is looking to do better to rise above their competition. Which is what it’s all about now days you have majority of today’s companies fighting to win over the consumers that they have

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and to gain more from other companies as well? Let’s look at Remington Peckinpaw Davis this company know as Wall Street King and a force to be reckoned with has developed a strategic plan to implement and develop the company’s entry into the on-line trading.

We will look another Project Management Plan that we will look at closely. Of course in this plan we will see how a project is done from the team’s standpoint and will see from behind the scenes as to what really happens with a Project Management Plan. We will look at how the company identifies the Issues and Opportunities, the Identification and Description of the problem along with the Development of the End State Goals against which to evaluate the alternatives. Then Identify and description of Alternative Solutions that are sustained by details, then there’s the Analysis of Alternative solutions considering the future state and supporting set of goals and lastly we will see the Assessment of Risks Associated with solutions, let’s take a look at how the management responds to the many different challenges they face when putting a project together.

Management Responses Identification

With the many projects that are taking place in some of the biggest companies of today what the outside world doesn’t see is that these many projects are planned out to the very end. We don’t realize how many challenges they face during the time of putting together the project. The responses of course are things you will face with any project you plan, but it’s how the management team reacts it what matters.

The Development of the project and the management in place, likes the accomplishment of the many numerous accounts. As the project moves forward they must of course report any problems going forth discuss the problems so that the group members are on the same page and know how to apprehend it. A great project set itself up for positions of change while going through the project. With this, the team sets up how everything will go and how they will handle the problem.

Also viewing the plan for evaluating the project shows what will work and be operational in the project and also what the problems are, and if that means meeting to discuss the situation is the best solution. One issue that seems to be a concern is the slight problem with the mission diagram particularly as it compares to the supply management. Of course these things have to be reviewed, Remington Peckinpaw Davis must man up and recognize and deal with these types of dilemmas connected to their missions program which by the way this would be a great idea to utilize the famous 9-step method to resolve and issue such as this. Let’s move right along to the next step and see what RPD plans is to make sure that things are done correctly utilizing the 9-step method. This is how they would indicate the significant milestones needed to be identified.

Project Schedule

RPD which is lead by Mr. Sam Remington which is the 35yr old Wall street guru RPD had a plan which was to target the upper class income but wanted to see change in the strategy as the increase of their real estate booms were changing which also changed the investment in the 90’s, As more investors entered the picture. RPD had and discovered a new idea to help target it by using up to date products and services. 2005 which was a pretty good year which RPD developed their strategic implementation plan with primary goals of introducing the RPD which is the company new entry into the on-line trading.

This plan that they have of course like any their other project that’s being planned you will definitely run into some issues, this will need to be worked out as the company is having technology problems as is which RPD had to pay $1.7 million in damages to customers whom weren’t able to check out their accounts within a 2.5 hour span, and with customers complaining of lengthy lag times in accounts, errors in account information tracking. These issues and opportunities arose from problems that eRPD project plan, not including a project scope, correct measuring of and having great performance, then finally not having enough project priorities established which has caused the project time to be completed, and not run short.

RPD should be better prepared for problems of any sort to when they arise as when you are planning any type of project you are bound to run into problems. Even though you plan things out strategically correct you still will find that you will have some issues that you will run into that you will have to take care of and make sure that the problem is resolved. You want this to be pretty much done so that it doesn’t come back to bite you, but then these are the things you risk and take when you plan and prepare for a major project. Let’s look at some of the potential risks that might be a stake her.

Weighting Perceived Risk

One thing about planning projects that many of the project teams really fear most are risks; there are many different types of risks that may be very harmful to a project. Today we will examine a couple of risks that a team can run into. And how do we managed weighting perceived risk and then there’s of course you have your future risks which leads to how you will measure your project risk. These are all risks that any project team will come across.

But the thing is taking care of these risks and not letting them get the best of you and the project continuing in the right direction remaining focused. With eRPD and the big idea of developing and introducing the company’s new entry into an on-line trading, you have to look at the potential risks that are at hand. Looking at overall how some of these risks play into these projects take a look at what a mitigation strategy. After you define the top project risks, your next step is to put mitigation strategies in place.

To continue with the example of implementing a new technology, a mitigation strategy might include conducting stress and acceptance testing at the beginning of the project to ensure that the technology is able to perform under expected volumes. By defining mitigation strategies for each risk; you outline how to head off risk and manage potential issues. (Paella, 2003). This is what the company faces with the putting of mitigation strategies into place.

Then let’s not forget that there are other steps that are involved within the process also. And the main one seems to be the managing of the risks that seems to come your way within the process let’s look at the real thing behind managing the risks. Have you ever created a project plan and documented assumptions that need to be true in order for the project to be successful? Assumptions are relied-upon, specific outcomes for particular issues.

Because you’re relying on a specific outcome, the assumption presents a risk to the project if the outcome is different For example; you assume that customers will be available for a minimum of 20 hours per week throughout the project. Because you’ve made this assumption, you’re relying on the customers to be available, to avoid delays in the project schedule. Therefore, this assumption entails a project risk that needs to be managed. . (Paella, 2003)

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