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Project management Chapter 2

T/F The project manager is responsible for communicating with the project team and the senior management, but senior management maintains sole responsibility for communicating with the client
T/F It is appropriate for the project manager to play an active role in communications between the client and the senior management of the organization conducting the project.
T/F When it comes to assigning individuals to work on projects, functional managers and project managers are often in conflict.
T/F If the performance of all subsystems is optimized, it follows that the overall system is optimum
T/F A pure project organization is usually too expensive for the management of small projects
T/F It is common to have more than one boss in a matrix organization.
T/F In general, performance is the most important of the goals for any project.
T/F In addition to managing the project, the project manager must also select the projects’ organizational form
T/F Cross divisional project communication is enhances when a project is organized in a functional project organization.
T/F Politial savvy is not only an important characteristic of a project manager but is also important for the project team members
T/F Functional project organizations have higher personnel cost than pure project organizations.
T/F Intrateam conflicts are minimal in a matrix organization.
T/F Morale of the project team is a key responsibility of the project manager.
T/F When making trade-offs on a project, the project manager needs to be aware that profit for the firm is always the most important of the project’s goals
T/F The functional manager has expertise in the function he or she manages, but the project manager rarely has expertise in many of the projects’s technical areas.
T/F It is more important for project team members to focus on their specific project activities than on the project’s overall results.
T/F Functionally organized projects are not sen as a high priority by functional managers.
T/F A pure project organization is characterized by many part-time project team members.
T/F It is critical to a projects’s success to have top management support
T/F A matrix organization is a combination of pure project organization and functional organization.
T/F The project manager should not allow functional managers usurp his or her control of the project.
T/F It is common practice to select the project manager prior to the project being scheduled.
T/F The individual with responsibility for performing a task is more likely to overestimate the time required to complete the task than his/her immediate supervisor.
“Projectitis” is most likely to occur in which type of project organizational structure?
a) a pure project organization
b) matrix organization
c) functional organization
d) b and c
e) all of the above
A) pure project organization
The three primary goals of any project are:
a) profit, schedule, quality
b) schedule, budget, quality
c) performance, budget, schedule
d) performance, quality, schedule
e) Budget, quality, performance
C) performance, budget, schedule
A matrix project that closely resembles the pure project is referred to as
a) a weak matrix
b) a strong matrix
c) a functional matrix
d) a balanced matrix
e) an unbalanced matrix
B) a strong matrix
Which of the following is NOT true concerning the difference between the project manager(PM) and the functional manager (FM)
d) The PM uses an analytical approach the FM uses a systems approach
Which of the following is an important project manager role?
a) technical expert
b) supervisor
c) project champion
d) micro-manager
e) communicator
e) communicator
A functional project structure is not characterized by
a) lower personnel cost
b) improved communications
c) lack of “projectitis”
d) lack of technical knowledge depth
e) all of the above are characteristics of a functional project structure
d) lack of technical knowledge depth
Altering the specifications of an ongoing project is referred to as
a) sub-optimization
b) scope creep
c) virtual project
d) projectitis
e) PMI
b) scope creep
The project manager is responsible to
a) the parent organization
b) the project team
c) the project’s client
d) a the project managers immediate supervisor
e) all of the above
e) all of the above
The Key criterion for selecting a good project manager is:
a) a strong technical background
b) good manager of people
c) good communicator with top management and clients
d) a closer, and gets the job done
e) Pays attention to detail
d) a closer and gets the job done
Which of the following is not a characteristic of effective project team members?
a) they are technically competent
b) they are politically sensitive
c) they have a strong orientation to their discipline
d) they have a strong goal orientation
e)they have high self-esteem
c) they have a strong orientation to their discipline

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