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Promotion and Public Relation

Promotion is all about offer free coupon, discount, voucher, and so on. It is a tool that can incentive the market sell in short term period. “Sell promotion is an incentives designed tool to stimulate the purchase or sale of a product, usually in the short term (Smashiq, 2008)”. So it is used to accelerate short-term sales and also building brand awareness and encouraging repeat buying. However there are some promotion strategies that KFC Company normally will uses included printable coupons from online, discount for every Tuesday in certain places, combo set in cheaper and valuable price, and boutique collection with a combo set.

First of all, the printable coupons from online is one of the less cost promotion strategy that can help KFC stimulate their market sell in efficient way for the short term period. This is because through online printable coupon, consumers are able to get free coupon immediately from online and also can easily to print it out from themselves. So this is quite efficient and convenient method that can let consumers get KFC promotion offer from online and without any promote feels because they just need to post on online such as Figure1. 0 has posted on

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Normally when consumers see this kind of promotion, they will automatically collect the printable coupons and share with their friends and family because got many coupons that allow them to eat or enjoy together. So it is also an efficient way that can help KFC Company through consumers sharing power to increase their sell. Besides that, KFC Company also will share the information through online such as Facebook in Figure 1. 5, when people see this message will start to share with their friends and at the same time consumers can make some comments in Facebook.

So as per conversation from the Facebook, KFC can know well actually what consumers want on what kind of free offer that consumers prefer to get. Secondly, discount for every Tuesday in certain places is also a good promotion strategy that can attract consumer’s attention, they will take as a consideration when they want to eat their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is because most of the consumers will get attraction by saving their cost and also can fulfill their hungry. So from figure 2. 0 you can see that is 25 percentages offer for snack plate.

Normally consumers tend to buy large quantity of this sets because during discount period they will bring their all family members or their friends to enjoy the valuable eating. Besides that, many of the consumers will through mouth-to-mouth to spread the news to their friends. So it is quite efficient way to get large quantity of consumers to increase the market sell in this short term period. With this strategy, KFC can get lots of advantages because consumers themselves who do the free marketing communication for KFC.

In the other hand, KFC also able to get the feedback from this group of consumers by doing a survey from them such as make an interview section. Thirdly, combo set in cheaper and valuable price is also a good promotion strategy that can attract more consumers to buy, because most of the people tend to eat more but in lower price. You see from figure 3. 0, there all are combo sets that look like very attractiveness. So during this time, most of the consumers will order this combo set in order to save their cost and also can fulfill their hungry.

This is quite worth combo set that will attract more consumers to order large quantity in one time. So it is also a way can incentive more consumers buy a lot and hence increase the market sell in short term period. During this combo set period, normally consumers will make some comment after eating. So KFC can do a questionnaire or collect the feedback on online such as Facebook in figure 3. 5, from these consumers have tried before and try to figure out actually this combo set whether attractive or not and satisfy consumers expectation or not.

So this is also a way that can improve KFC business as well as possible. Last least is boutique collection with a combo set. I think it is quite efficient promotion strategy that can deeply incentive for those who like to collect the boutique collection consumers. Most of the time, consumers will tend to collect those boutique collection and ignore the price such as you can see from figure 4. 0, there is a mini bucket USB speaker made by KFC Company. So for those who are fans of KFC will collect all boutique collection by time to time.

So during this period, sales will increase by this boutique collection with a combo set for those collectors. Besides that, KFC Company is able to get the feedback from consumers such as they will comment on website. And then KFC will know whether this boutique collection is attractive or not. In figure 4. 5 you can see the comments from consumers feedbacks are just under the figure 4. 0. However there are some disadvantages by using these strategies to stimulate market sell which are consumers tend to consume during this promotion period nly, in normal time, they will no really want to buy KFC foods because of the price is higher for them. And at the same time, if the promoting too many times may lower down the brand value because consumers will think that actually there are any problems that within their food. Consumers will think why so many promotion within one year, seen like they cannot sold out their foods and keep doing promotion to sell out their store. Overall for these promotion strategies that KFC has used all are efficiently by collecting the feedback from consumers.

This can help them to improve better and better for their promotion strategies and at the same time can build out the customer relationship between consumers and KFC. In IMC strategy, not only focus on how to promote their products to gain the short term profit but also need to know how to use the right promotion strategies in the right way by integrated marketing communication. In the other hand, KFC Company can handle well on catching consumers loyalty such as repeat buying and also the brand awareness will increase by promoting time.

So for KFC promotion strategies are quite done well because they know how to improve themselves to achieve consumers want and expectation. Public Relations This integrated marketing communications tool is all about the public appearances, event sponsorship, to build trust and reputation by presenting the product, company or person in a positive way. “Non-paid non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, service, or business unit by planting significant news about it or a favorable presentation of it in the media(Smashiq, 2008)”.

Means that normally using this public relations will do some events through the public or society such as charity event or green action and so on. After that they will show some big news through media to inform consumers that they are doing such event to help people and hence increase their company reputation. However there are some public relations strategy that KFC has used in recent such as world hunger charity event and ironman for the kids South Africa. There are some reasons behind using this strategy to build out the trust and reputation for KFC Company.

First of all, KFC is no a healthy food because consist of higher calories and fat. Normally you can see when you want to eat the chicken, the oil still can see obviously from outside. So it is no healthy at all by eating KFC. However KFC quite clever that by using the cause related market strategy to build their brand image. Such as you can see from figure5. 0, KFC is doing a charity run that everyone can participate, and the fees for participation will donate to the third country such as Africa. This is because third country is lack of food can eat and also there are lots of people never try KFC before.

After that, many consumers will participate this event by helping those needed food people in third country and at the same time there are some competition game that they can play and enjoy to get the prize from KFC. So from this, consumers will change their perception to KFC Company based on this charity event. Automatically consumers will think KFC Company is a good choice that we can eat because they are not only earn our money but also helping those people needed help in third country and hence increase KFC reputation.

Another effect by doing this charity event is able to reduce the negative image of junk food for long term. Most of the time consumers will think junk food is no a healthy eating to them, so they will eat less and avoid unnecessary health issues in future. However by doing this charity event, consumers tend to buy their foods because of helping people. So more and more people in order to help those people and buy KFC foods and hence increase their market sell and also increase their brand image. In the other hand, you can see from figure 6. , KFC Company is doing an event call Ironman for the kids South Africa.

This is also all about an event can help South Africa kids. So by time to time, consumers will slowly change their attitude to KFC Company and hence increase the good reputation of KFC. So the first impression of KFC to consumers is all about they are helping those needed help people in third country. When consumers want to eat fast food, they will automatically choose to eat KFC foods to help those needed help people in third country. However there are some disadvantages by doing this public relations such as charity event.

In fact, KFC Company cannot always under control such as they cannot control consumers mind thinking. So some of the consumers might think in negative way such as we are just using a method that to create a good reputation to them, but in fact they will think we are using a business strategy to catch their attention and we are just focus on earning money. Overall for the actions have taken by KFC Company is a good public relations strategy that can help to build good reputation of KFC Company. Through this public relations, they are able to handle well on the credibility and reputation for KFC Company.

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