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Promotional strategy

Magazine advertising. VirusShield’s main advertising strategy will be magazine advertising. It will make use of popular magazines such as PCUser Magazine, InfoWorld, Netguide, and PC World to advertise its products. It will also ask the magazines to review the products in their articles. The marketing in these magazines is very important as the readers of these computer software magazines have a similar market as VirusShield’s.

Furthermore, many of these magazines are distributed worldwide and reach a very large audience of the target market. For example PCUser magazine reaches 289,000 technology buyers, most of who are male and in the upper socioeconomic bracket (Roy Morgan Research, 2008). Search engines. VirusShield will make extensive use of Internet search engines to promote its website and products. VirusShield will advertise in the top two Internet search engines which are Google and Yahoo (Keough, 2008) in order to reach a lot of customers.

VirusShield will employ Google and Yahoo to conduct advertising campaigns through what is called sponsored Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Through sponsored advertising in Google and Yahoo, people who conduct a search for the words: antivirus, firewall and spyware, will be able to see an advertisement for VirusShield on the very first page of their search results. Potential customers can then click on the advertisement link if they are interested in it and be taken to the VirusShield website.

This will result in targeted traffic to the VirusShield website. Search engine optimization. The VirusShield website will be optimized for search engines through the use of appropriate metal-tags and the like. This will make it search-engine friendly and help it rank higher in the search engines. This is important because research reveals that 55 percent of all Internet purchases start with a search engine, and that 93 percent of customers don’t look past the first two pages of the results of their search engine query (Smith, 2004).

Packaging. Packaging of the product will be very attractive. Professional graphic designers will be employed to design every graphic aspect of the business and its products. These graphic aspects will include the logo, the hardcopy packaging of the products in their CD box, the software interface, the magazine advertisements, and the website. Distribution plan

The major way VirusShield will distribute its products is via instant download from the VirusShield website. This will make the distribution costs very low, as they will only be the bandwidth costs. The other way VirusShield will distribute its products is through mail. This will involve the sending of CDs containing the software through registered postal mail. The distribution costs involved here will be the cost of the CDs and of mailing them to customers.