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Prospero Act Tempest

Prosper can also be seen to have a positive presentation as he acts protectively and caringly towards Miranda. Both of these aspects portray Prosper ambiguously. Act 1, scene 1 starts with a storm being created at sea leading the passengers of a boat swimming to shore in order to save their lives. In scene 2 it is discovered that Prosper has created this storm as he tells his daughter Miranda who is watching it from on the land. Here, Miranda learns that Antonio, Prosperous brother was unfaithful to him and while Prosper was studying magic he took over his land and sent Prosper and Miranda away.

The fact his brother betrayed him shows a breakdown of family presenting Prosper as a victim and rather fragile. The game metaphor foul play is how Prosper refers to his situation and how his brother took over his land. This portrays Prosper as a victim as it suggests it was unfair. This moment of speech also starts with enjambment following on from Marinara’s speech. This creates iambic pentameter which Shakespeare often used so the audience knew when a character was telling the truth. This further portrays Prosper as truly pained.

However it should be noted that

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Prosper was ignoring the people of his land to practice his gaga, therefore neglecting his position of power, presenting him as greedy as he tried to have both; magic and land. Overall this has had a negative impact on his and Notation’s relationship as it appears Prosper is resentful about the betrayal. ‘The ivy which had hid my princely trunk, and sucked my verdure out knot’ voiced by Prosper shows resentment through this is negative natural metaphor for what his brother did to him.

As is a plant that sucks the life out of things in order to survives it suggests Prosper is linking Notation’s achievement to him destroying and preventing Prosperous achievements. This is a very negative comparison showing Prosper is largely resentful. On the other hand it is possible that as this is natural imagery it creates a positive overlook of their relationship expressing Prosper as non-resentful. In this scene Prosper is also presented as uncaring and complex as he doesn’t appear to have a traditional father-daughter relationship with Miranda.

The closed question, ‘Sir, are you not my father? Shows Prosperous and Marinara’s relationship as non-traditional as she does not know anything of Prosperous family history, hence her confusion on who her father is. This can be seen as uncaring and complex as Prosper has not taken the time to educate her. On the other hand Prosperous and Marinara’s relationship can be viewed positively. ‘l have done nothing but in care of thee my dear one, thee, my daughter. ‘ The repetition of ‘thee’ expresses how important he thinks Miranda is, showing him to be caring and protective of her.

The Prosper Act 1 Tempest By molehills scene continues wit n the survivors arriving on the island. It is nerve that Prosper interferes with Marinara’s love life by casting a spell to make her and Ferdinand fall in love. Where should this music be? Is an open question voiced by Ferdinand. This music has been created by the spirit Ariel who is under Prospered order expressing that what is about to take place is magical and not true. During performance music would be playing creating a dream-like sense further allowing the audience to know this ‘love at first sight’ is magic orientated.

This is an example of excessive control as he is controlling who she falls in love with as well as who falls in love with her. This allows her no choice and in a sense objectifies her. Nevertheless in the 17th century omen did not have a lot of rights/choices and therefore was normal for them to be controlled and arranged marriages were not inordinate. Another interpretation of this control is that it highlights Prosper as powerful as he has choice over someone else’s life other than his own. Prosperous relationship with Ariel further highlights Prosper as powerful.

Ariel, a spirit, was saved by Prosper and as a result has become his slave. Ariel is thankful of being saved which may explain the element of respect within their relationship. ‘l will be correspondent to command’, voiced by Ariel, shows respect via formal language and the fact the spirit does as is asked. The alliteration of ‘correspondent’ and ‘command’ further shows Ariel to be eager to please and be kind, highlighting a kind relationship between the two. Prosper also praises Ariel, ‘my brave spirit’. This adjective ‘brave’ is positive and hero-related showing he has respect towards his slave.

The fact Prosper has a slave suggests power and the fact he is respectful of Ariel shows he is kind and does not abuse his power. However it should be noted that

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Prosper is only praising Ariel for actions Prosper has authorized and is often abusive of his power. ‘l will rend an oak, and peg thee in his knotty entrails, till thou hast howled away twelve winters. ‘ This threat expresses Ariel as helpless and passive to his commands as if the spirit does not obey it will be put back under a tree like it was found.

This highlights Prosper as abusive and dangerous due to his mass power. To further the point of Prosper being presented as powerful and as a result abusive is Prosperous relationship with Clinical, his deformed slave who is also a native to the island. Prosper and Scallion’s allegations is negative. ‘Thy vile face’ is an insult spoken by Prosper to Clinical. The adjective ‘vile’ is negative and therefore shows Clinical as the victim of verbal abuse. This expresses Prosper as abusive due to power.

His power is portrayed by the command sentence/direct imperative, ‘Come thou tortoise’ in which Clinical has no choice but to obey. The fact Clinical is referred to by an annalistic noun ‘tortoise’ also creates the sense that he is thought of as inhuman. This shows Prosperous powers as not only abusive but diminishing. This relationship could be symbolic of he growth of the British empire in the 17th century were sailors would arrive at new lands and would take control of the natives and abuse them for their own good, typically money.

On the other hand it should be noted that

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Shakespearean audiences would not have interpreted the abuse towards Clinical as negative as audiences were often uneducated and thought of people of other raises as people to be feared and that potentially they were forms of the devil. In conclusion Prosper is presented as mostly negative in act 1 due to his power as it leads him to control and abuse people. Although it may appear he can behave in positive manners towards

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