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Public staffing systems

There are basically not much of a difference between the staffing procedures in private and public sectors. However, the need to address the specific qualifications of the applicant may be the best example on how public and private offices differ in the hiring process. The public staffing process may require additional requirements that entail the longer modes of hiring. As part of the public office selection criterion, government offices may require additional documents that could identify the applicant as eligible civil service personnel.

Some examinations may be required. On the other hand, the private sectors tend to identify prospect applicants by initializing first the credibility selection based on company rules. This may include selection criterion that readily matches the qualification of the applicant according to the operations of the company. The private sector tends to resist the government based processing since crucial investments may be at stake and could be wasted if longer periods of hiring processes will be undertaken.

2) List several sources of applicants that organizations turn to when recruiting and for each identify needs specific to the source as well as pros and cons of using the source. Job Fairs-Job fairs cannot dramatically filter out those highly qualified applicants

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from those that are truly credible. However, massive applications may be achieved which could easily acquire greater chances of hiring top caliber applicants. Internet-Based Job Market-Possible waste of time and efforts on the part of the applicant since internet based job markets do no readily introduce the high probability of hiring.

On the part of the organization, it would mean less market cost as well as greater efficiency output. Internal Referral-This may cause certain disadvantages for the company since referrals cannot guarantee the same quality of work output that a person may have compared to the regular employee of the company who will host the referral process. However, this could be the simplest way and most cost effective process in hiring a qualified applicant.

When it comes to external selection of employees- some of the methods of initial assessment appear to be more useful than others, If you were starting your own business, which assessment methods would you use and why? I would start with the screening process that involves the general criterion of providing examination to the applicants. This way, the basics of the company processes can at least undergo a good exposure which will then lead to the identification of a suitable employee.

The examination will provide a detailed orientation to the line of work which will then be carried on to the higher levels of qualification processing. The next possible step would be to identify his or her professional outlook in life. This can be done using methods of interviews that could lead to the definite extraction of the qualities that I am looking for in a good staff. 4. ) Compare the structured and unstructured employment interviews, Note and discuss the strengths of the structured interview, and the shortcomings or weaknesses of the unstructured interview. Read about components of staffing

A structured interview realizes the need to undergo a step by step notion in extracting the relevant information about the applicant. This may well serve as a basic backdrop in enhancing the qualifications of the applicant since a chronological form of inquiry will be done. On the other hand, an unstructured interview can at least verify if the applicant is attentive enough and could readily answer questions being thrown at him. This may relatively imply a good qualification especially in company tasks that need attentive and adaptable personnel.

The basic differences that the two types of interviews can be observed in the way that information are gathered. A structured interview could at least enhance the critical thinking ability of the applicant since a formal way of inquiry is at hand. However, this may not mean a thorough evaluation of his capability since it may not be able to reflect his true attitude for he must have prepared for the possible questions usually given in interviews. On the segment of unstructured interviews, it may be of great advantage if the company itself employs spontaneity in all of its business processes.

This may induce the relative effort of the applicant to produce a quick but accurate answer, a true reflection on being a creative thinker and adaptable individual in any situation. However, this might mean another concern since unstructured interviews may not drive out the necessary information where the company needs most of the data about the applicant. 5. ) Explain how internal selection decisions differ from external selection decisions Internal selection decisions may well be attributed on how the company has done its staffing process as the same age as its existence.

These decision making policies in hiring reflect the true professional attitudes of the current employees in the organization. Because of this, the specific criterion in the hiring process can be seen on how the company operates its business. This is somewhat different compared to external selection decisions. The organization may need to undergo data mining processes in order to maximize its effort in finding the right personnel based on external qualification factors. These external factors may be attributed to the universally recognized factors in hiring.

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