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Put your skills to better use

Everyone is gifted with certain talents, some with sports, singing, playing a musical instrument, and in this case, drawing. Many people though are not fortunate enough to pursue their talent as a career as being implied in this advertisement. This picture is an example of how someone with great talent is not able to unlock their true potential. The picture itself is very well thought out, drawing out the different products that correspond with the word. It is also very eye-catching and detailed to make you pay attention to what they are trying to show.

What they are trying to show is that people commonly look past a great skill they have that could lead them into a career. Career junction is telling people that they can help them find a way to make it possible. Maybe somebody didn’t have the support from their family and friends, maybe they didn’t have the money to continue it in college, or maybe they did not have the motivation to do anything with it. Career junction is almost trying to give them a second chance. Sometimes people, including myself, need this extra push to get something like this started and go for it.

They can help someone get started by telling them where to go or who to get in contact with and that’s all someone might need. Others might need the whole thing, what moves to make and what steps to take to get into their possible future career. The way they present this picture is incredible: The detail of all of the different things in the drawing, the simplicity of it being a grocery list, and the message they are trying to extend to any of their viewers. They did a brilliant job at grabbing your attention with the elaborate drawing.

The simple blue color of the drawing makes the whole thing pop out at you and pulls you in. They really knew how to make someone think about their ad and they ran with it. I see this advertisement as very clever and very effective in so many ways. It does such a great job at grabbing your attention and making you look into the picture at the wonderful detail and at what it really is. The first thing I saw in the picture when I looked at it was all of the different products being drawn as what they actually are. Like the milk being drawn as a cow or actually spelling out “sugar” in sugar cubes.

Like I said before, it grabs your attention and makes you look into the drawing and into the detail of it. Then I started to notice the things around it, like the kitchen counter, and the jar of food or possibly a candle. I then noticed the words, what the advertisement was for, and the audience it was directed at. This advertisement is directed at someone that possibly already has a career, but has a great talent or skill that they could make a career out of. I think the use of the simplicity of the pen and paper work marvelously to show what they are trying to imply.

To me personally, this advertisement is very motivational. I hope to make a career out of racing motocross because it’s a passion of mine and it’s what I love to do. It also takes a whole lot of skill to get to that level, but seeing things like this makes me want to work that much harder at it. I’ve been fortunate enough to have wonderful people around me to support me to get to where I hope to go. That’s all it has taken for me. People believing in me and helping me through all of it pushes me to do my best to achieve my goal. I feel, that’s what it would take for anybody.

Though, for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have that, that’s where career junction steps in and helps. They give you the opportunity to go after your dream or just to try something different doing something you like and something you’re good at. This picture has done its job as a great advertisement. It grabs your attention right away, it keeps you interested looking at the detail, and it gets the point across in a simple way to understand. “Put your skills to better use” is a complete success in my eyes. It is very appealing, very well thought out, and very well presented.

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