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Quinnipiac University Tour Guide

Hello, my name is Katie and I am from Glastonbury, CT. I am a freshman here at Quinnipiac. I am a BMS major and I am involved in The Big Event, Relay for Life, and QThon here. I will be giving you your tour today. On tour you will see the academic buildings, student center, library, recreation center and the resident halls. If you have any questions during the tour, just let me know and I will answer them for you.
On Route to #1
– Quinnipiac was founded in 1929 in New Haven
– Moved to Hamden in 1966
– Became a university in 2000 to better represent the student population
– Total student population = 8000
– Undergraduate population = 6400
– Female to male ratio = 60:40
– School of Law has moved to NH campus, it is now a center for our school of communications and engineering
– Renovations have been going on all summer
– Includes brand new engineering labs
# 1 Buckman Center
– Health science building (North Haven Campus)
– Health Science Programs
~ PT is 6 or 7 year DPT (cannot transfer in)
~ OT is 5.5 year MOT
~ PA is 6 year MPA (cannot transfer in)
~ DI is 3 year undergraduate program
– Manikins are used for hands on learning
~ 3G “Sim Men”
*State of the art simulation training
*Robot can mimic basic human functions
*Fiver different “Sim Men” in North Haven for students to work with
*Also have adolescent and infant manikins for our students to work with
– Buckman Theater
~ Holds 170
~ In 2007-2008 theater became a major
~ One of the largest areas on campus
*some of our theater and dance clubs perform here
*QU has right to show movies after they come out in theaters but before they are on DVD-we show them in this theater for free
*Special partnership with Long Wharf Theater in NH-we can use their stage for many of our productions
– The rest of Buckman Center contains biology, chemistry and physics laboratories
On Route to #2
– College of Arts and Sciences
~ 3 buildings surrounding a quad, just through Pine Grove, with faculty offices and classrooms for Liberal Arts
~ 30% of freshman are in the College of Arts and Sciences
~ Some of the CAS majors include
*Legal Studies
*Math, English, Psychology, History
*Foreign Language
~ Pre-Medical Studies Program: students choose to be part of this program which will assist students in taking pre-requisites and applying to professional schools including medical, veterinary, PA and dentistry schools. This program is in addition to an undergraduate major.
– School of Education which is now located on the NH campus
~ 5 year BA in an art or BS in a science major and a Masters of Arts in Teaching for elementary or secondary education. We do NOT have special education or physical education program
~ Apply to the program by December of sophomore year and ED classes and field work begin in Junior year
~ Requirements are:
*Minimum of 2.67 GPA (B-), 3.0 GPA (B) is recommended
*Interview process
*Written essay
*Praxis 1 exam to enter the program
#2 Tator Hall
– Main academic building, 3 floors
– Average Class size: 22-25 students
~ Student faculty ration is 16:1
~QU emphasis is a teaching university NOT a research university
~ Classes are never taught by graduate assistants or teaching assistants
– Take them inside one of the classrooms on the bottom floor
~ Reiterate-average class size only 22-25 students
~ classrooms have overhead projectors-several professors use visual learning tools
~ Blackboard-online resource used by professors and students to post homework assignments and Powerpoint presentations
~ Very easy to contact professors-mandatory office hours, provide e-mail, most also provide home and/or cell phone number
– Engineering Classrooms (now moved to old Law School) talk about how labs are currently being built over there
~ 4 options for engineering
*Software, Industrial, Civil, Mechanical
*All brand new facilities and will be adding additional facilities in the summer of 2014
*All of the labs have new industry standard equipment
+3D printer where students can design tools on the computer and print them out in 3D
*The curriculum and classes are designed to provide hands on learning experiences where students actively participate in their education
~ Brand new classrooms
– Interactive Digital Design Room
~ For graphic arts and IDD classes
– Mention Study Abroad program and the Office of Multicultural and Global Education
~ Options of studying abroad
*Full semester, QU 301, or summer and j-term options
*Service trips to Nicaragua and others
On Route to #3
– Study Abroad Program-a great opportunity minimum GPA 3.0 to be eligible to study abroad
~ Students have the option of going abroad to just about any country they would like and work with the International Education Office to select a program-most students go for either the fall or spring semester. Shorter programs are offered in several majors, or as an alternative spring break option.
~ The Director of International Education works with students on getting the correct documents completed, and being sure the program is approved and their credits will count as Quinnipiac courses
~ Some popular countries: Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, France, South Africa, a semester at sea
#3 Carl Hansen Student Center
– TD Bank
~ On-campus bank open Monday through Friday
~ Students do not have to open an account here, but it convenient to have use of it and the ATM
~ There is at least 1 ATM on each other the three campuses
– Tables
~ Used by clubs and organizations to raise awareness for events or to raise money
~ Vendors use end tables to sell their items
– New Student Center: Brand new student center
~ Piazza
*Multi-purpose space used for many different things
+Studying, movies played there, events
*Containing a fireplace, TVs, and lounge area for students
*Grand Staircase to the second floor where it connects to the rotunda and upper cafe
~ Media Suite
*On 1st floor for Q30, The Chronicle, and Montage. There is a fully functional TV studio
*WQAQ is still located on the second floor by the book store
~ Greek Suite
*On 1st floor
~ Meeting Rooms
*Located on both floors varying in size. Rooms can be reserved for student organizations meeting and events
~ Student Organization Suite
*On 2nd floor
~ SGA Offices
*Still located in Upper Cafe
~ Prayer Room
*Room 2007
~ Hours
*Monday-Friday: 8am-midnight
*Weekends: 10am-midnight
*Professional.Staff Offices are closed on weekends
– Bookstore
~ Run by EFollett Campus Stores
~ Purchase books for classes here or online
~ Can purchase new or used
~ Bookstore offers rent-a-text program, which is new and will save money for students
~ Buy-Back program
– Post Office
~ All students living on campus have a post office box
~ Post Office also at York Hill Campus for Juniors and Seniors
~ Can send out outgoing mailing using money in your Qcash account
~ When you receive a package the post office with email you to let you know
– Cafeteria: newly renovated with expanded seating and easy access to the second floor
~ Many different stations offering: sandwiches, burgers, salads, vegetarian options, soups, gluten free options
~ Seats 1,200 students
~ Different meal plans available to student on Qcard
*Based on a item-by-item purchase
*Money will carry over from fall to spring semester, but not spring to fall
*There are multiple dining options at QU on the Mount Carmel Campus and recently built student center at York Hill and North Haven
~ Qcard also has Qcash which is used as a debit anywhere on campus and at nearby restaurants
*You can put money on the card using the stations located on all 3 campusesor online
On Route to #4
– 3 housing placements for freshmen: all freshman housing and sophomore housing is here on the Mount Carmel Campus
~Commons/Ledges-4 people per room (majority)
~Irma/Dana-2 people per room
~Suites-300 total freshman 8 people suites (2 people per bedroom)
~Based on survey students complete about sleeping habits, studying habits, Cannot choose style of housing or roommate as a freshman, but can preference style of housing as a freshman. As a sophomore, junior and senior, housing is done by a lottery system and students choose the building, room and roommates to live with
~All freshman dorms have same facilities
#4 Shuttle Booth
– Freshman cannot have cars on campus
– Shuttle runs every hour usually on the hour
– Brings students to New Haven, North Haven, and Hamden
~ Clothing stores
~ Grocery stores
~ Restaurants
~ Train station- we are 1/2 way between Boston and New York
– Shuttle to York Hill and Mount Carmel
– No Shuttles to North Haven
~ Students majoring in several majors in Health Sciences and Education, take their professional upper level courses at the North Haven campus, which we encourage you to visit after our tour! Students go to the North Haven campus their junior year, which is also when their clinical experiences begin. Students generally carpool to class and clinical
#5 The Commons
– 4 people per room
– Each person has same amount of personal space regardless of style of residential hall they are placed in
– Common room, laundry room (uses Qcard), and kitchenette (vending machines, oven and stove)
– Study lounge
~ One or more per floor
~ Cleaned daily
~ Times to be cleaned are posted on bathroom doors
– One RA per hallway
– Do activities with students in their hallway so that they get to know one another
– Students create roommate contracts with rules of rooms
#6 Health and Wellness Center
– Open 24/7 with nurse
– Doctors and nurses are available
– Offer to drive students to nearby pharmacies to pick up prescriptions
– Counseling services are available as well on weekdays
#7 Public Safety, safe campus setting, residence halls are swipe card entry
– Public Safety patrol campus and all QU owned facilities 24/7
– Escorts are available for all students if requested
– Public Safety booths are located at each entrance
– Blue light system
– Emergency system-students text messaged and e-mailed immediately if emergency occurs on campus (also snow day notifications)
– Students can have one visitor for 4 nights and 3 day consecutively-must register guests online
– Public Safety presence and office on all 3 campuses
On Route to #8
– 95% of our freshmen live on campus, 80% are from out of state
– 75% of all students live on campus
– 70% of all students stay on campus on the weekend
~Numerous clubs and organizations devoted solely to creating activities for students to do at night and on weekends
– Housing is guaranteed freshman through junior and is also available to seniors who are offered housing options in university owned houses, and apartment complex on Whitney Avenue, and at York Hill. Single rooms are available. Juniors live at Your Hill in the Crescent residence halls and town houses-which are suites with kitchens. All freshman and sophomores live her on the Mount Carmel Campus.
– After freshman year, students are put into a lottery system to select housing location
– Several upperclassman options: apartment-style housing, suites, and townhouses, many have kitchens
– We hope you will drive over to the York Hill campus to see the Rocky Top student center, the TD Bank Sports Center and the residence hall areas.
#8 Irma
– 2 people per room
– Each student has bed, desk, and wardrobe
– Each room has phone and Internet jack (but all 3 campuses are wireless)
– Freshmen dorms are co-ed by floor, each floor is singled-sexed, no co-ed bathrooms
– Can have microwave, refrigerator (no open-flames or hot plate)
– Can rent “micro-fridge” from school
#9 Bobcat Den
– Other dining option on campus
– Open later than the main dining hall
#10 Recreation Center/Gymnasium
– New TD Bank Sports Center 2007
~ 2 arenas: basketball and ice hockey (each seats 3,500 people)
~ First 1000 students get free tickets
– 19 NCAA Division I sports teams, MAAC conference and the ECAC in men’s and women’s ice hockey
– Over 20 intramural sports
~ Competitive and recreational levels
~ Men’s teams, women’s teams, and co-ed teams
– Fitness Center
~ Free weights, treadmills, elliptical machines
~ Free for all QU students
~ Open from 7:00am to 11:00pm seven days a week
~ Also a fitness center at York Hill
– Gymnasium
~ 4 courts
~ Suspended track-9 laps to the mile
~ More workout machines upstairs
~ Dance studios upstairs as well
*Where free Pilates and yoga classes are held during the school year around noon
~ One of the largest areas on campus to hold students
On Route to #11
– Sleeping Giant State Park
~ Advantage to have state park across from campus-picnic, hiking
#11 School of Communications in Ed McMahon Center
– School of Communications is in the process of moving to our old law school and will now be called the Center for Communications and Engineering. Hope to have everything moved there by the start of the Fall 2015 semester
– The Lender Center will soon be completely occupied by the School of Business
– Fred Friendly First Amendment Award
~ Awarded in honor of Fred Friendly to an individual who has upheld the Amendment and has a well recognized career in journalism
~ Point out “familiar faces:” Tim Russet, Ted Koppel, Charles Gibson (Morley Safer from 60 Minutes is most recent recipient)
*NOTE: not given at QU or to QU students
– SB25 Video production suite-used to edit HD audio information
~ Student-run radio station is not run out of this room-it is run out of the student center
~ 98.1 FM WQAQ and online at wqaq.com
– SB253 New Technology Center
~ Used frequently by journalism students
– Two student-run newspapers: The Chronicle is both in print and online and The Quad News is online only.
– HDTV Studio
~ Fully functioning HD studio
~ Used by communications students
~ High tech equipment-same switchboard used by broadcasting companies such as NBC
– Q30-student run TV station that is broadcast on campus-all students can get involved in this either behind or in front of the cameras (not exclusively for communications students). Q30 has an office in our student center
On Route to #12
– Most of our professors have the highest degree in their field AND real life experience in their profession
#12 School of Business in Lender Center
– The building is named after the Lender family, Murray Lender-QU alumni and founder of Lender’s Bagels
– AACSB accredited = Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
~ Only 30% of business schools in nation and 10% internationally are AACSB accredited
– School of Business focuses on 2 things:
1. “Soft Skills”: practical application
*Often taught using Wall Street Journal-free to all QU students (online subscription)
2. Team Work: team study rooms surround the building
*Classes (Mike’s Bikes) give students the opportunity to work in groups
– Terry W Goodwin Financial Technology Center
~ A simulated trading room with wallboards displaying current stock market information
~ Direct information from NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P
~ Each computer has 2 screens so students can keep research up on one screen and do related work on another
On Route to #13
– Students have great opportunities that often lead to job offers
– Internships-Professors help our students with internships-can be done during the winter break or over the summer
– Career services is available in each school and tailored to each schools needs
~ Resume building and workshops available
– Service Learning courses keep students, faculty and their community partner focused on the learning objectives of the course, the food of the community and the richness of the experience
~60% of all QU students have participated in a service learning activity
– 95% of students are employed in their field or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation
– Main green “quad”
~ Students spend time relaxing and studying here-entire campus is wireless
~ Very tight-knit community
#13 Arnold Bernhard Library
– Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
– One of 3 libraries available to Quinnipiac student
– When librarians leave at midnight, public safety officers patrol the library
– Web resources, books, periodicals, microforms
– Stand in library lobby and mention
~ Library is 2 floors and librarians are available until midnight
~ After midnight public safety officers sit in the library
~ Computers-updated every few years
~ Glass study rooms surround top floor, there are a total of 13 in the library
~ Computers have Myfilespace
~ Entire database is online-can access database in library, classrooms, residence halls, and even off campus
~ Can print to the library from anywhere on campus, Each page is 15 cents to copy or print
~ We do have a book exchange program. If the QU Libraries do not have a book you need, the librarians can help you borrow a copy
– Learning Center
~ One of 200 learning centers that offers peer-to-peer tutoring by Certified tutors (all tutors have an ‘A’ in the course and have been recommended by the professors
~ Free service for all students
~ Can come one time or can come on a schedule with the same tutor
~ Professors are informed that you have come for a session
~ The center also sends out e-mails to all students regarding sessions on how to manage your time, how to proofread your papers, how to study for finals
– Help desk/Computer Support Center
~ It is important that you bring or purchase a laptop. All students are highly encourages to purchase the university Dell or Mac laptop
~ They are discounted, 4 year warranty-if something happens to your computer during your 4 years at QU, the computer support center will help to fix it (if they can’t they send it out to Dell/Apple)
~ E-stars are students trained to help with school computers, assigned to each residence hall
~ It is not required to buy your laptop through QU, you may bring the one you currently have or choose to bring a different kind
On Route to #14
– Over 70 different clubs/organizations on campus
~ Cultural, diversity, academic, community service
– Involvement Fair: each club has a table on the green where students can sign up for things they are interested in
#14 Center for Communications and Engineering
– Walk up the pathway too the old Law Center and go through the old library
– Mention the faculty offices for both Communications and Engineering are located on the top floor of this building (Staircase in the foyer outside the old library leads to these offices)
– This is the Communications levels with classrooms, seminar rooms, and computer labs for Communications students to utilize
– At the back of the library head down the large staircase
– This is the Engineering level
~ Mechanical
~ Industrial
~ Civil
~ Software
– Point out engineering labs as you walk to the opposite side of the building
– Come up the back staircase and out the same doors you came in back to the Admissions office
#15 Conclusion of Tour
– Explanation of admissions process
~ Rolling addmissions-Quinnipiac and Common Application accepted w/supplement
~ Encourage students to apply in early fall of senior year
~ QU will start reading the completed files in mid-November
~ Recommended deadline of Nov. 15 of PT, OT, PA, AT, DI, and Nursing programs
– New Option to Apply Early Decisions. This is binding if accepted. The deadline to apply ED is November 1st.
– Students who apply ED will receive a decision in December. Rolling admissions students will begin hearing back in January
– Admissions Facts 2012
~ Receive about 19,000 applications-we accept a little under 60% of those students
~ About 1,800 freshmen and 200 transfer students enroll in the fall
~ Average SAT: 1150 (1200 for Health Sciences) Does not including writing
~ Average GPA: B/B+ (B+/A- for Health Sciences)
~ Average ACT: 25 (27 for Health Sciences)
#16 Admissions Office
– Feel free to take any information packets and ask me any questions you may have. There are directions to both the York Hill campus and the North Haven campus at the front desk. I think you’ll really enjoy taking a few minutes to visit them! Please feel free to fill out a tour evaluation, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Quinnipiac and have a safe trip home!
~ Make sure you DO NOT offer up any admissions counselors to speak to families. They can make appointments to interview with counselors or give them a business card of the counselor

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