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Report on Adidas Essay

Adidas is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories. The company was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1948. (His older brother Rudolf later established Puma, which was the early rival of Adidas.) Registered in 1949, Adidas is currently based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. [1] It is incorrectly believed that Adidas stands for “All Day I Dream About Sports”. Actually, Adidas was named for its founder, Adolf “Adi” Dassler. The company’s clothing and shoes designs typically feature three parallel bars, and the same motif is incorporated into Adidas’s current official logo. Being well known all over the world, Adidas is employing more than 46,000 people in over 160 countries, and produces more than 650 million product units every year. [2] The company’s revenue in 2012 was listed at €14.48 billion [3] which captured a big success.

Todays, Adidas is one of the global market leaders which has over 2400 stores worldwide in a variety of regions. At the moment, it is only behind Nike that Adidas is the world’s second largest producer of Sporting apparel. However, According to World Yellow Pages, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Germany and Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in

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the world. [4]

Hong Kong, where is a special economic zone in China, is definitely a valuable business platform to boost the company’s brand name throughout China. According to the economic statistic and near-term outlook from the government, the Consumer Price Index is increasing steadily in Hong Kong and the department states that the minimum wage regulation together with the steady inflation may increase the purchasing power of the general public [5] .It reflects the big potential markets in Hong Kong. In order to grab the golden opportunity and empower the market share, Adidas pay extra efforts to expose more business opportunities in Hong Kong while “We Print Original” is a good example.

“We Print Originals” wrangled up Hong Kong’s most popular celebrities, such as pop singer Eason Chan, and had them pose with a number of virtually extinct objects (boom boxes, double-decker busses, red post office boxes, etc.). Scanned the scenes, every detail imaginable is captured and printed out. The figures of Hong Kong stars paired with their artifacts were placed around Hong Kong’s flagship Adidas Store on Hankow Road during 5-18 September 2013. Everyone can be the attendee to this event. Since the exhibition was opened to the public, not only did the company welcome the media but also every single body who was interested in the show.

Although this exhibition was not required any entry fee, we still regarded it as a business event. Usually, business events focus on trading and profit generating. The “We Print Originals” Exhibition is of course not simply displaying the Adidas artworks in 3D printing. The more important goal of this event is to attract more customers by introducing the innovation of Adidas Originals by providing chances for customers to experience such a breakthrough in printing technology on their own. During the promotion period, customers who spend over HK$3,800 in merchandise from a number of Adidas stores are eligible to have 6 cm blue replicas of themselves with vintage artifacts printed. Revenue will then be generated when more people visiting our store or even purchase at the expense of making their own 3D figures.

We believe that this event can help the company building better relationship with existing customers and attracting new clients. The event focused on collective memory that is usually the biggest concern of local people. Apart from that, the company selected the venue at Adidas new retail store instead of any other exhibition center or museum. All these shows the company motive to link the event with its business instead of merely introduce the new technology to the public. Thus, this event was definitely an external event in corporate use.

It is crystal clear that the target audience of this event is Adidas‘s current and potential customers. More intensively investigated, we may classified the target audiences in different categories, such as Adidas-fevers, youngster and people who are interested in discovering new concept and willing to spend on it, usually middle to higher income classes.

Adidas-fevers are those who are obsessed in Adidas. They are one of the target audiences this time because this event stress on introducing the new technology with the company’s notion and the reactions from the Adidas-fevers can best comment on the development of the company. Another type of target audiences must be youngster. In Hong Kong, Adidas is a sign of trendy especially if you owned pairs of Adidas shoes or clothes that are in limited edition or produced with special meanings. At the same time, youngsters in Hong Kong are regarded as the group that is more willing to spend money. Some people believe that youngsters nowadays especially the generation Y are born to shop. [6] Since this group of people is a big market, Adidas introduce such new printing technology and with the aid of celebrities to draw attentions from them. Last but not least comes to the group of people who are interested in discovering new concept and willing to spend on it. This group of people is usually post 80s, who are in middle to high-income classes. They emphases on collective memories, they experienced the old Hong Kong but they also enjoy the technology revolution in todays’ society.

Although Adidas select its own retail shop to hold the “We Print Originals” instead of asking help from other venue providers, it involved many stakeholders from different sectors. Apart from the Host community and the participants as mentioned above, we could classify the stakeholders as host organization, sponsor, co-workers – famous athletes, pop stars and the shop assistants, and the media.

Adidas HK is one of the branches of Adidas Originals and the host organization of this event. It services as a bridge to connect Hong Kong people with Adidas Originals. Adidas HK have autonomy to design and hold various events that can favor Hong Kong people without losing Adidas’s objectives. AllRightsReserved is the partner who sponsors and cooperates with Adidas in preparing for the “We Print Originals” and was the technology provider. It was responsibility for scanning the scenes with an Artec Eva handheld laser scanner and a Faro Focus3D scanner to capture every detail imaginable. There will also be a sculpture of Hong Kong pop singer Eason Chan in scale of 200% being installed at the venue. At the same time,
some famous athletes and pop stars are invited to make classic pose and then get 3D scanned and printed. These 30cm 3D printed Celebrity miniatures will be exhibited together with “reprinted 3D objects” to let people savor the memory of old days. Together with shops assistants, we may regard them as co-workers in this event. The media like radio (Commercial Radio Hong Kong), newspaper (apple daily) and magazines (New Monday) widely promotes this event. It helps increasing audience to the “We Print Originals”

Why did the company choose this event? The foremost reason must be gaining attention and earning money. The company wants to interpret its company’s value through the activity. “We Print Originals” is Hong Kong’s first interactive 3D scan and print exhibition. It showed the company spirit in a dynamic and trendy way by combining the old things (some memorable vintage / extinct objects) with the latest technology (3D printing). Such a crossover brings attendee a taste of novel. It presented the visions that the company keens on exploring new things to cater customers’ ever changing wants and needs without losing efforts in keeping the original characteristics in its products.

The event shows that the company fully utilizes the SWOT of its current situation. Adidas make good use of the strength of being a famous brand in the market to impair the weakness of lack of innovation but it successfully caught the opportunity of exposing business in Hong Kong to against threats from its competitors like Nike.

An event’s success depends on the event organizer balancing the expectations and needs of various stakeholders. As mentioned on the above, all sectors are taken into consideration. More of it, the budget is strictly control and reduced by holding the event at Adidas’s own place. I may say that the event is successful in increasing its revenue but not successful enough in its promotion.

If I were the Public Relations Manager responsible for organizing this event, I would suggest the company to make good use of the social networking platform and the current technology like Facebook/ Line to promote the

Facebook is a popular platform in todays’ society. It guarantee large amount of audience through peoples’ social networks. We can make good use of the sharing and liking functions on Facebook. For example, we can hold a mini competition before the exhibitions. Participants are required to take photos with funny faces or interesting gesture and then post the photos on the events’ official Facebook page. The first 20 people who get more than 500 likes of their photos are eligible to make their photos into 6 cm blue replicas of with vintage artifacts printed. It can serves as a promoting functions that attract people take part in the event and spread the messages of this events through the participants to their friends and likers on Facebook.

Another technology that we can make good use of is the application on smartphone like Line. “Line” is an instant messages application. Adidas can open an official account and the general publics can “be friends” with Adidas. It provides an efficient channel to share latest information for those who are interested in the moving direction of Adidas. It can definitely eliminate the distance between Adidas and its target audience in order to enhance the customers’ relationship.

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2. Adidas Group – Profile [online], Germany, Adidas. Available from: http://www.adidas-group.com/en/group/profile [Accessed 15 October 2013]. 3. Annual Report 2012 [online], Germany, Investor Relations of Adidas.? Available from: http://www.adidas-group.com/media/filer_public/2013/07/31/gb_2012_en.pdf [Accessed 15 October 2013]. 4. Adidas Group Headquarters [online], World Yellow Pages. Available from: http://www.wypages.com/Germany/Manufacturing-Companies/Adidas-Group-Headquarters-Germany.html [Accessed 15 October 2013]. 5. Hong Kong’s recent economic

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