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Situations to Use Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership style is used in companies and organizations that need to renew or restructure their systems to accomplish certain goals. It is used to stimulate a relationship and convert and elevate the employees into leadership positions. It can thus be used in organizations which need to transform their employees and make them leaders in the future. The leadership style is also used in situations that demand capacity development and take the personal commitment of the employees to a higher level.

The leaders then broaden the interests of the employees and teach them to focus on issues that are beyond their self interests (Hay, n. d). They instead focus on the issues that generate benefits for the entire group and the organization. The transformational leadership style has been used in situations such as in the military, schools and corporations. Some of the transformational leaders that are known to use this kind of leadership style include Lou Gerstner, a retired chairman and CEO of IBM who was able to transform the company from an $8.

1 billion loss in the year 1993. He transformed the culture of the organization and made it successful. Other leaders include Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, Michael

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Dell of Dell Corporation, Jack Welch the CEO General Electric and Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon. com (Friedman & Langbert, 2000). 4. 0 Increasing Organization’s Effectiveness The effectiveness of the organization can be increased through the implementation of transformational leadership.

The leadership style is made up of four components that when applied, they can be used by the leaders to ensure that the organization performs more effectively and thus increasing their effectiveness. The four components describe the actions that the leaders need to undertake to apply their role effectively and attain the goals set. They also help to strengthen the relationship between the leaders and the followers enabling the followers to become more productive. 4. 1 Components of Transformational Leadership i) Individual Consideration

In order to ensure that the employees in an organization are able to work to their best, the transformational leaders should consider the individuals interests and capabilities. This is to make sure that each of the employees handling a given task or responsibility is able to handle the task to their level best. The leaders should offer their support to their employees and their followers on an individual level. This fosters and maintains a strong relationship between the leader and the employees. The employees are then able to seek help from the leader on any issues that are affecting them and also affecting their performance.

The employees are also able to share their ideas with the leader and also offer guidance where they can to the leader on any issues that the leader may need help. This helps to improve the performance of the organization through the honest and strong relationship the leader establishes with the followers. With the support and encouragement that the leader gives the employees on an individual level, the employees gain self confidence and become self motivated as they undertake the tasks that are assigned to them. ii) Inspiring and Motivating Followers

The transformational leadership allows for the inspiration and motivation of the followers who are mainly the employees of the organization. The leaders should motivate and inspire the employees influencing them to perform positively in their work. They should also influence the workers to perform to their best and show the leaders their best performances in any task they are given. This makes the followers feel that they need to give their best to their leader and that their leaders also expect the best from them (Dennis & Meola, 2009 ).

The leaders should celebrate every achievement with the followers and reward their followers for outstanding performances in their work and any tasks given. They should be able to celebrate with their followers despite how small the achievement may be. This helps to address issues of self worth among their followers and ensures that the followers remain committed to their work and that they also become fully involved. This is a good way of increasing the effectiveness and productivity of a company as it influences the followers to work to their best and makes them committed to the organization.

By rewarding the employees for their achievements and the work that they have done, they become motivated and the other employees are also become encouraged to work even harder and get rewarded for their achievements as well. The followers also feel that they deserve to give their best to their leaders and that this is what their leaders expect from them. This pushes them to achieve more and perform even better. iii) Problem Resolution

According to the transformational leadership style, the leaders should be very concerned about the well being of their followers. They should ensure that there are no obstacles that challenge their followers and that may also hinder the realization of their goals and vision. Leaders should try to ascertain that the environment for the followers is conducive to ensure that they are able to work efficiently and effectively (Dennis & Meola, 2009 ). They should also ensure that there are adequate resources for the followers to work and produce the desired outcome.

This is a component of the leadership style that helps to ensure that the followers are able to effectively handle their work and do their best without facing any obstacles. The leaders should ask their followers questions to identify the various issues and situations that may arise and affect the effectiveness of the organization. They should stimulate their creativity and those of their followers to handle any problems and issues that may arise in the future better. They should also challenge the status quo of the organization. This would enable the organization to move forward and attain its goals.

The leaders should also stimulate the minds of their followers in a way that makes them think ahead and be able to come up with goals that will benefit themselves and the organization in the future (Bass & Riggio, 2006). iv) Communicating Direction One of the components of the transformational leadership style involves the fact that the leaders communicate their goals to the followers (Dennis & Meola, 2009 ). The leaders should set goals for themselves and the organization and then communicate them to the followers and other stakeholders.

This is an important step in their leadership style as it ensures that the followers understand the direction that the leader is taking them. The followers are then able to set their own goals and achieve them. The leaders should communicate the goals to the followers and also check and assesses their understanding to ensure the goals are clear to all of them. They may also need to provide special attention to those followers who may not understand the plans fully and ensure that they are able to align their goals with those of the organization.

The open communication between the leader and the followers increases the effectiveness of the leadership style as the leader and the followers are able to attain the goals of the organization and also develop their skills and abilities. The leaders are also able to monitor the performance of the followers and this helps to ensure that they continually improve their performance while accomplishing the goals of the organization. Through the continuous communication, the leaders can provide feedback on the positive achievements of the employees and the entire organization and empower them to perform even better.

5. 0 Conclusion Leadership is vital for the success of any organization. The transformational leadership style is known for being effective and for transforming the activities and operations of an organization. Leaders who use this kind of leadership style end up transforming the operations of an organization and the employees as well. They inspire their followers and motivate them to be the best they can be. The followers choose these leaders on the basis of their character, personal traits and the vision that they have.

Organizations should use this kind of leadership style to increase their effectiveness as it aims to motivate the most valuable resource of the organization, its employees. Once the employees are inspired to perform to their best, the organization is able to become effective and very efficient. Leaders are also able to support them and encourage them when they are faced with issues and obstacles. Word Count 3098 Bibliography Babou. (2008, December 9). Transformational Leadership – Confidence. Retrieved August 11, 2010, from Leadership Champions: http://leadershipchamps.

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