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What is the only sports league to ban corporate ownership?
In professional sports, the Commissioner has discretionary power in all the following except?
Rule making
Strikes are much more disruptive in pro sports than in mainstream business because:
Players have unique talents and cannot be replaced with temporary replacement workers
As a general rule, league revenues include which of the following?
Revenue from national television, and radio contracts, league-wide licensing, and league-wide sponsorship programs
The response to an impasse in labor negotiations is usually:
A lockout or strike
A collective bargaining agreement covers:
wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment
What percentage of NBA television revenues and merchandise sales come from foreign markets?
In 2005 how many international players declared themselves eligible for the NBA draft?
What league has made the most strives in the global market?
National Basketball League
Many individuals in the management of professional sports leagues are not fans of salary caps because they:
A. routinely force teams to cut veteran players earning higher salaries to get under the ceiling of the cap. B. routinely provide teams with spending floors so low-revenue teams are prevented from cutting salaries in order to stay competitive.
C. often have so many exceptions that they have inevitably created a number of loopholes for those agents and general managers who are creative negotiators and thus, the cap is not creating the parity it was intended to create.
According to Much and Gotto (1997), what are the two most important factors in determining a franchise’s value?
The degree of league revenue sharing and the stability of a league’s labor situation
Although the NFL bans public ownership, it has made an exception for what team?
The Green Bay Packers
What league first adopted the Commissioner to govern the best interests of the sport?
League think is the concept
introduced by Pete Rozelle that owners needed to do what was best for the league as opposed to their individual franchise.
The NFL Trust is responsible for which of the following activities?
What is the current going rate for a franchise in the NFL?
Which of the following is not a revenue that is shared under league revenue sharing systems?
Cross-ownership is
Ownership of more than one sport franchise
Professional golfers must earn a right to compete on the PGA Tour annually. How do professional golfers qualify for the PGA Tour?
According to the textbook, which of the following is a true statement regarding diversity in professional sports?
In 2003, the NBA and MLB welcomed their first minority owners.
After the 1996 Olympics, a few women’s professional sports leagues emerged. What women’s sport was not among those to become a professional sport league?
While the NFL bans corporate ownership it has made one exception. For what team was its exception?
San Francisco 49ers
Who was the first Commissioner hired in all of professional sports?
Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis of Major League Baseball
The NBA has the broadest representation of foreign players on its rosters. In the 2005-2006 season, for example, your textbook notes that opening night rosters included ___ players from ____ different countries and territories.
As of 2007, how many professional Women’s football teams existed in North America?
For what NFL owners was the cross-ownership ban in the NFL eased?
What league operated for a number of years without a permanent commissioner?
The privileges granted to owners that come with team ownership are called __________.
franchise rights
________________ has emerged as a method for leagues to establish themselves in a manner that avoids antitrust liability and creates centralized fiscal control.
The labor exemption
John Montgomery Ward founded the first baseball players union in 1890 to fight what practice(s) by baseball team owners?
A. Salary caps
B. Baseball’s reserve system
C. Baseball’s practice of selling players without the players receiving a share of profits
Professional leagues have organized themselves in a manner consistent with a corporate model.
The term used to describe a team’s ability to relocate
Franchise Free Agency
Leagues derive the bulk of their revenues from gate receipts. T/F
In 1876 North America’s first professional league, the National League was organized. T/F
Professional sports was born in the United States in 1869 with the first professional baseball team. T/F
The National Hockey League has retained the greatest number of family or individual owners due to its high degree of revenue sharing.T/F
The PGA Tour currently implements a drug testing program in accordance with WADA policies.
In 2005, the largest number of foreign basketball players (39) hailing from the following countries (23) declared themselves eligible for the NBA draft.T/F
The WNBA league and teams are primarily female operated organizations.
The Women’s National Basketball Players Association were established under the guidance of the National Basketball Players Association and National Football League Players Association, respectively. T/F
The single entity structure is a term used to describe a manner in which a team may organize itself in order to maintain fiscal control. T/F
The practice of charging spectators at golf events began at fundraisers by top male and female golfers to benefit the Red Cross during World War I. T/F
The PGA operates as two divisions: one that governs the club professionals who serve amateur players and another that governs the tour professionals. T/F
Currently professional athletes are unionized in only the four major leagues.
When it was formed in 1952, the Major League Baseball Players Association was professional baseball players’ fifth attempt to unionize.
Commissioners have lost some of their power over time. List the six areas that the commissioner continues to retain discretionary power.
List the North American professional sport leagues that have unionized players?
What franchise rights are granted with ownership of a professional team?
What criteria does a league, such as Major League Baseball examine as eligibility criteria for team ownership?
What actions did Marvin Miller, the successful Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association take to organize the players and develop the first strong union in professional sports?
Approximately how many athletes are in the four (4) major sports leagues?
In the four major sports leagues how many agents are registered or certified with the respective players associations
Who is often called the first sports agent:
B.C.C. Pyle
The two players who staged a joint holdout for a higher salary were?
Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale
One of the first agents to represent individual athletes and a pioneer of the sport marketing industry is:
Mark McCormack
The first players association to negotiate the right for players to be represented by agents was the:
Major League Baseball Players Association
A collective bargaining agreement is:
A contract for all players in the league
The reserve system in Major League Baseball was:
A rule that limited a free and open market for players
Which one of the following companies is not currently one of the three (3) largest sport management companies?
The three models for a sport agency business does not include
A players association and a sport management firm
Which one does not describe the ways that Players associations support players?
Which of the following does not describe the functions performed by a sport agent?
Which of the below factors that influences an athletes market value is the least significant?
The Professional Golf Association (PGA) restricts individual golfers from entering into endorsement unless they are:
In good taste
Five key problems in the sport agency profession do not include
The agents lack of understand of the rules of the game
The most devastating problem that an athlete may have with his agent is probably:
Income mismanagement
Tank Black is:
A football agent who was sentenced to five (5) years in prison for swindling NFL players he represented
A conflict of interest occurs most probably if:
an agent’s own interests are furthered over that of the athlete’s interests
What is the most likely unethical behavior to occur by agents in college athletics?
Overly aggressive client recruitment
How many agents has the NFLPA disciplined in recent years?
How many states regulate agents?
What is SPARTA?
A federal law signed by President George W. Bush regulating the conduct of sport agents
What is UAAA?
Uniform agent regulation law
The MLBPA limits agent’s fees to what percentage of the player’s income?
One of the significant factors in the growth of sports agencies was:
Who was the “endorsement king of the pre- Michael Jordan era?”
All of the following are objectives of person-centered branding EXCEPT

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