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Starbucks Corporation Essay

Starbucks Corporation however recruits, trains and also selects persons who have very good morals that are also able to meet the organisations culture structure and values. The company’s human resource management selects individuals with the desirable attitudes and also characteristics so that they can best suite their job descriptions positions. Starbucks Corporation is out sourcing for its new employees from the expert recruiters so as to ensure that its recruitment and training process is a success and also this ensures that they get the best recruits that are available in the markets.

For this particular company there has been very extensive management training for the entire workforce in the organisation in the future preparation of the company’s managerial duties. This is not only done in response to the company’s business demands but it is also done to keep the employees well informed and educated in their areas of specialisation. There is also a performance reviewing of the employees that is done semi-annually and this ensures that the employees are performing in their areas of assignments as it is expected.

Another function of the human resources management is the employee’s performance appraisal and evaluation which provides the employees performance feedback. If an organisation

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does not conduct the performance appraisal then it will be very difficult to identify the employees training needs and also the allocation criteria for the organisational rewards will also be very difficult to document. (Jackson, 1996) Similarly failure to access the employee’s performance will also affect the organisations performance such that facilitation of the communication between the employees and the administrators will be very poor.

The performance also helps an organisation to further identify its best and most productive employees and also the employees who have very little or no input at all in the organisation. In most organisations their performance is directly linked to its employee’s performance and it is also possible for an organisation to monitor and evaluate the employee’s performance by using the human resources evaluation systems. This system is applied in the Starbucks Corporation so as to retain the useful employees in the company.

In some instances the starbucks company has incurred very huge losses in the past due to the use of very soft approaches in dealing with its employees but it has adapted modern approaches in dealing with the employees especially the joy riders in the organisation. The company currently considers those employees who have little or no contribution at all as a very huge liability to the organisation since their cost benefit ratio is high. (Lynch, 1994) The improvements in the individual employees performance translates to the organisations overall improvement.

The starbucks company also uses the tight control strategy in evaluating and monitoring its employee’s daily activities and also ensure that they work within a given schedule and a specific company pace. The human resource management through the performance and evaluation assessment enables the employees in an organisation to do a personal self assessment and this encourages them to freely communicate with each other with an objective of outperforming each other.

Other companies such as the IBM have used the strategic human resource management strategies and it has very positive effects on the organisations productivity. The company often subjects its employees to constant evaluation processes with a sole purpose of ensuring the company’s high standards are greatly upheld. (Mark, 2001) Another human resource function is rewarding and motivating the employees in an organisation. This is very crucial especially in the maintenance of a competitive advantage over the other organisations.

The human resource management has therefore an ultimate goal to retain the best staff members who are the main drivers in every organisation. (Cosh, 1998) A company such as Starbucks takes a considerable amount of time as well as resources in training various company employees to attain excellent standards in their areas of specialisation. Loosing such employees could be very suicidal for the company and this will have adverse effects on the company’s performance. Starbucks places a lot of emphasis in ensuring that its employees are retained for as long as the company needs them.

(Jackson, 1996) The company motivates its employees by providing them with financial and service rewards and these could take the form of extended annual leaves, and also company paid vacations. The company also looks for cost effective and convenient ways to reward its employees so as to highly motivate them and also build their commitment and further improve on the company’s productivity and profitability. Another major and significant role which is played by the human resource management is in the industrial relations and the organisations performance.

This further extends to the management relationships with the industrial relations systems such as the trade unions and other professional organisations. All the diverse relationships in the organisations are mainly handled by the human resource management departments. Most of the organisations industrial relations directly influence and also promote the organisations international businesses. These industrial relations greatly influence the tax rates, the available investment opportunities and also in most instance the import duties standardisations for the global organisations.

(Cambridge Small Business Research Centre 1992) In reference to the starbucks company the policy factors, the market constraints as well as the industrial actions greatly affects the performance of the company. It the workers go on strike in the starbucks company then the company automatically incurs a lot of losses in terms of meeting the demands of the consumers. The company ensures that it highly protects its public image as well as maintains its levels of production by ensuring that the consumers’ basic needs are further met and there is a protocol to follow in solving the employee’s issues privately.

Some unwelcome organisational changes such as transfers plan unprofessional and dysfunctional interpretations of the companies’ policies to the employees. The starbucks human resource management is directly linked to the organisations business objectives and it strongly reinforces the company’s strong values and cultures. The company’s integrated HR system has helped so much in shaping the organisations successes which do not rely on the conventional thinking and also the trends with respect to its workforce treatment.(Baldwin, & Chandler, 1994)


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