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Statement of the problem and purpose in Organizational

This paper will study how culture and ethic impact on service delivery at the municipal government. The paper will review past and recent research on how organizational culture has been used and can be used to improve on the cohesion and effectiveness of the workforce. The paper will briefly look at the perceptions of culture and subculture as evident in the municipal government.

The purpose of the organizational culture study follows recent research that most organizations are not recognizing culture as an ingredient to the successful duty dispensation by the workforce and existing leadership. An understanding of the municipal government culture is therefore important in motivating staff and improving service to the public. This paper will also investigate past and current ethical issues in the municipal government and how this can impact on service delivery and public confidence.

The purpose study of ethics in the municipal government is to give a first hand account of trend in ethics scandals and the social, economic and political damage that these cause to the municipality and the individual careers. The ethics study is important to bring down the statistics and turn around lost public tax payers’ confidence following a review of the causes and evidence that is in the private and public domain. The findings of this study will be provided to the municipal committee for championing good culture and ethics.

The cultural study findings will help the committee to adopt modern leadership styles that embrace cultures and subculture as productive part of service delivery. The ethical study findings will be used by the committee to draft a latest code of ethics to be implemented at the municipal government. Research questions 1. What evidence show that culture and subculture exist in municipal government? 2. How is municipal governance using cultures and subcultures to their effective and efficient service delivery? 3.

Which culture and subculture theories research and theories have been done in the past and current period? 4. What trends of ethical practices exist in the municipal government? 5. What ethical codes of practices are appropriate for implementation in the current municipal government leadership? Research Aims 1. The Aim first of this study is to propose to the municipal government the importance of recognizing and nurturing positive cultures and subculture to improve the service delivery to the tax paying municipality public. 2.

The second aim of this study is to set high standards of ethics that will enable municipal government to dispense its services as expected in their mission and vision while regaining public confidence on the utility of their taxes in the wake of ethical scandal reports. Research objectives 1. To investigate the depth of culture and subculture in past and current municipal government. 2. To establish how past and existing municipal government have been applying the cultures and subcultures to their organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. 3. To draw up a latest ethics code for the municipal government for public good.