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Strategic Management Theory

EBay as any other organization, have their own challenges that they face in their business. Trust is the main challenge in such organization. The organization has customer support team known as the Safe Harbor, this is the team that is more concerned with the promotion of the safety in the organization, fraud free and better trading environment is maintained for the organization. In this case, they have to be familiar with the ways in which one has to manage the changes. In order to do this, the organization has managed to break the changes into three major levels that comprises of; leading, anticipating and the reacting level.

Using the three levels, they have been able to lead in the changes that occur in the world. At the leading level of change, the organization has been able to organize for better products in the market that other producer tends to imitate them. Thus, they have been able to force other company to follow their footsteps in whatever they are doing on the ground. This is clearly seen in the sell of their products together with the goods that they are supplying to the market in the whole world (Black, J. S. & Gregersen, H. B. H. 2008).

On seeing any limitation in the market, the company comes up with a strategy that will help them to be able to attend to the clients’ needs in the market. This provides them with the leading value in the society as they are usually the first to stipulate on the mode of solving the problem. CONCLUSION In summary, the eBay company is makes all efforts to ensure that they achieve their goals of good services to the clients at a lower cost and at the same time they offer many variations of the services needed by the clients in the market and thus providing them with good position to be the superior competitors in the market.

As much as the organization may have the strategic plan for their practices, it tends to be stipulated for short term services only. This is seen when the strategy made by the company only services the company for a short term and calls for change to facilitate the changes that has occurred in the market. RECOMMENDATION The paper recommends for long term strategies to be stipulated by the company so that they can minimize they level of changing their mode of activities at the organization.

Secondly, they have to introduce better mode of advertisement of their services and goods so as to increase their sales in the organization.


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