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SWOT Analysis for FCC

Diver University The Captain James A. Lovely Federal Health Care Center (FCC) opened Cot. 1, 2010, and is the United States’ first federal health care center that partners the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense into a single, fully integrated federal health care facility. The facilities mission statement is to fulfill President Lincoln promise, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan,” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans. The FCC runs on VA core Values and Characteristics.

The core Values are integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect, and excellence. The characteristics are trustworthy, accessible, quality, innovative, agile, and integrated (“About VA,” 2013). The design of the medical center allows for medical care for military veterans, active-duty military members, their families, and TARTARIC-eligible retirees. This is the strength of the facility and it is a distinctive competence because there is no other facility in the United States that takes active duty and veteran patients in one centralized location (“Become a Patient,” 2013).

The FCC hosted its annual homeless veteran’s summit on February 26th. The summit served as a stage for collaboration to continue the effort

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to end homelessness among veterans, which was a goal was set by the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary, Eric Shinnies. The deadline to meet the goal is the end of 2015. Navy Captain Jose Costa, the deputy director and commanding officer of Lovely FCC, said that “Lovely FCC is committed to ending veteran homelessness. This can be considered a distinctive competence, because aside from the VA/FCC, there has been no organization to set a goal to impolitely eliminate veteran homelessness (“Lovely FCC holds,” 2014). There are two electronic health record (ERR) systems that have to be maintained separately at the Lovely FCC to allow naval personnel to use other facilities throughout their careers and for veterans to visit other VA medical centers if they move or travel.

However, the two independent systems have limited ability to share patient information, which significantly reduces clinical efficiency. The problem is neither side wants to adopt the others’ electronic health record system. The organization could try to adopt a new electronic health system in order to influence both the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to adopt into all facilities to have one centralized application. This will eliminate the complications nationwide and allow for more federal health care centers to be created (“Report,” 2012).

The Federal Health Care Center has wasted SWOT By Smattered reported in February 2011, despite an investment of more than $122 million, none of the Fish’s required IT capabilities had been implemented as planned when the center opened in October 2010″ (“Before the Subcommittee,” 2013). To minimize the knees, the organization could take less projects on per year in order to make sure there is enough time and resources to complete the projects before being obligated to have more.

If the Federal Health Care Center can perfect everything in the facility, then it has the opportunity to become the standard for all future Federal health care centers across the nation. “In addition to delivering integrated health care services to both VA and DOD beneficiaries, this unprecedented partnership is expected to offer lessons for decision makers about whether this is a model of care that might be effective if replicated at other VA and DOD locations. ” (“VA/DOD Federal Health,” 2012).

An opportunity for the FCC is that if it stays open, the increase of budget due to the merger will remain. The FCC has two budgets to pull from: the DOD budget and the VA budget. This is beneficial to the facility, because they will be able to continue to get funding for practically anything they need regardless of cost (VA/ DOD Federal Health,” 2012).

One threat for the FCC is to lose its patients to private practices, thus there being less of a need for the FCC to exist. One disgruntled attain posted a review on the FCC Backbone page saying, “l Just left an appointment.

You do know that most veterans work now? Why did I Just waste three hours of my day off there? Yes I arrived to my two thirty apt at 145 and I was checked in. I was called back at two thirty two and finally seen at 255 again my apt was 230. They come in as I am redressing and getting ready to Just leave to say well do you want your appointment or not? Yeah I want it at 230 when it was scheduled. Their excuse for not seeing me I got there too early! What! I’m done I have insurance I’ll Just pay for my meds. Related the strength management program of the national guard

Not one of you better call and threaten my benefits like you have done before. Oh and what is with emergency room personnel who introduce themselves ‘how can I help you so I can go home’? What! If you have such a problem keeping a schedule either hire more personnel or tell your customer. Also I am lucky I can get a day off during the week what about veterans who don’t. Can you please update to a more modern appointment system? ” This is Just one of many examples of unhappy patients due to service received (“Captain James A. Lovely,” 2014). If the FCC Merger is proven not to be successful, the FCC will shut down and separate back into individual facilities of the Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. “The NADIA 2010 requires the Secretaries of VA and Defense to submit a report to the House and Senate Committees on Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs by October 201 5, the year in which the demonstration ends, to include an assessment of the demonstration and a recommendation as to whether the FCC should continue. ” (“VA/DOD Federal Health,” 2012).

Diversity exists in a community of people hen its members differ from one another along one or more important dimensions” (Griffin, 2008). The FCC is a very diverse organization, from having active duty personnel and retired veterans, to a multicultural civilian staff. The FCC has done many positive things such as provide health care to active duty, retired veterans, and their families. They are also involved in a program to eliminate veteran homelessness. The question is, will the positives outweigh the negatives because the completed, and the hospital reviews have not been the best when it comes to customer service?

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