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SWOT Analysis of ORBIT

AS is the provision of hotel and catering, associated with services and facilities management of a hotel. The company ORBIT AS implements these services through its own branches, which include around 60 hotels, located throughout Poland. In addition to these 53 hotels forming part of the Company’s branches, ORBIT manages a three-star hotel located in Busybody’s, which is co-owner. Through a branch, “Department of Transport “in Load company ORBIT

AS serviced the transportation, automotive, customs and operated commercial ND warehouse services.

Currently, because of the preparation “of the Department of Transport” for resale, the operations of the Department is limited mainly to rent space and services automotive repair VOICE. The company also operates “Laundromat” in Option, which provides laundry services for the ORBIT hotels and external customers. The organizational structure of foreign companies also operates non-commercial entities, which include Information Centers in Tell Aviva and Vienna and the Company Representative in Brussels, Paris and Rome.

Information centers re focused on trade policy of the company developed for the market, by providing for the acquisition of units of ORB’S, an advertising and information, with particular emphasis on tourism to Poland, and Representation – in conducting promotional activities and hospitality services – catering Hotel ORBIT

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AS and representing the deals of the company. Most of the hotels belonging to the company ORBIT AS are located in major Polish cities such as Warsaw,  Cockatrice,  Carjack, Colonizer, Spot, Choctaws, Opera.

In addition, since 997, the company’s shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Market Exchange. Mission and vision The mission of the company ORBIT AS according to the Board, is to become a financially strong group holding equity related with business operators in the tourism market (in the field of hospitality, transport) and associated therewith (recreation and entertainment, real estate, hotel and office). In the hotel business, the company’s mission in the coming years is to maintain the position as the largest operator in the market for three-and four-star hotels and getting major player on the arrest two star hotels in Poland.

Strategic goals ORBIT strategic goal is to develop a chain of hotels based on their own facilities and used in the future on the basis of contracts and diversify the capital commitment by launching activities other than hotel, including related and complementary in relation to hotel services. In relation to the existing base of this objective will be realized by the company ORBIT AS, through modernization of hotels. This should ensure an improvement in product quality, increase competitiveness and ultimately gain market share.

This activity also aims to create a structure able to effectively confront both consolidating the domestic competition and foreign competition. To unify and improve the efficiency of the distribution network of tourist services and improving customer service levels have increased levels of customer satisfaction.

ORBIT SWOT Analysis By rationalism high Marriott Sheraton Groomed low Orbit Guest Frequency in Hotels SWOT analysts

Strengths of the company:

The largest hotel capacity in the country.

Having a well-known and recognized trademark and trade name.

Developing a strong session in the domestic market.

Maintain financial stability – maintaining credibility with financial institutions.

Possession of property located in very attractive parts of most major Polish cities.

Development and application of systems of quality and service standards.

Flexible pricing.


Outdated system of wages and employment.

Poorly developed marketing activities.

Outdated and ineffective system of inspection standards.

Poorly developed a computer database.


Suitable perspective for the hotel industry, the development of tourism business.

Experts predict a significant increase in tourist numbers in Poland.

An increase in tourist arrivals to Poland is expected to also increase their spending, which may affect the increase in revenues generated by operators in the catering and hospitality services.


Development of competition in the form of steadily emerging new hotels – the most important are hotels built with the participation of foreign operators.

They are managed using modern methods and equipment of these facilities in line with current trends.

Creation of a large number of smaller hotel facilities that provide en a strong increase in competition in various segments of the foddering market, which forces hotels to be more innovative and inventive in conducting of the catering.

BCC Analysts

BCC matrix allows you to rate each product in terms of two criteria: Relative market share as measured by the ratio of the percentage market share in the enterprise concerned the participation of the company, which has the largest market share.

Growth market, namely the rate at which each year is increasing demand for a product. Hotel services are highly profitable, but also by increasing competition have to count tit the growing financial needs.

Since ORBIT has a very large share of the market, they should continue to grow by making it difficult for other companies to enter the market and gain higher profits. The company should continue to invest in hotel services because the inflow of foreign capital may undermine market position. Transport services have poor profitability and high financial need.

In view of mounting competition from carriers, such services should be reduced because the client still has a large selection of means of transportation. In the face of such a aired selection it will become less and less viable. Food & beverage would strengthen the market and to take care of customer satisfaction, as more and more competitive dining options.

The Salary System

System compensation to all employees of the Company hired has a contract with the exception of Board members and those providing work under a management contract.

The selected group of highly skilled professionals is covered by a special system of paying. Wage policy that aims to diversify the Company’s average salaries based on: Economic performance he level reached in the area of average wages in the tourism sector An assessment of the situation on the local labor market Market Share In 1933, following the purchase of Orbit shares by a state bank BOOK, the Company moved its corporate seat to Warsaw.


The position of ORBIT AS on the tourist market sets long tradition, reputation and credibility of the mark over the years developed by presence in the market. Thus, despite the great competition in the opinion of the board, it is the leader of the Polish tourist market. Slouchy Zaps beneficent www. Orbit. Pl www. Wisped. Org www. Money. Pl

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