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Durra Hasted and Jean Leap SWOT Analysis

Durra Hasted and Jean Leap

Being owned by an international company (Ellen) could cause Canadians to stray from Blue and stick to Canadian owned companies. Need more promotional items/ events all year. Current advertising only markets towards young males. Logo isn’t as familiar as Nelson Canadian and Budweiser. Has strong ties with NIL and CFML but aren’t using these opportunities to advertise or promote Blue. Promotions are mainly done in the spring/summer season.

Opportunities: Open up the target market to all Canadians (young, old, male, female) Create new reduces: flavored beers.

Using their ties to the NIL and CFML Labret could do more promotions during these game seasons, resulting in more Blue drinkers in the fall and winter. Labret could join in the experiential market sector as Coors and Nelson have done in the past and create a Labret event.

Threats: Other beer companies, international and local. Baby boomers are aging and they are a large group of the Labret and alcoholic beverage market.

Target Market: Labret Blue’s main target market is young males (“twenty something’s”). Recommendations: Labret could open up their target market to include all Canadians.

Example: A commercial showing a grandfather passing down Labret to his grandson, playing on tradition. Example: Switching gender roles. Another commercial could show a women’s hockey practice, after the practice the team goes to the pub to enjoy a refreshing and cool Labret. The marketing mix used for these recommendations would include:

Promotion; these ads would be run on TV and social media (Youth). Product; commercial would feature Labret Blue. Labret could open itself up to the experimental marketing sector by creating a Labret campaign.

Example: “Out of the Blue” online scavenger hunt. Customers purchase cases of beer and inside are GAPS codes that they look up on Google Maps. Each code shows another part of Labret history. All participants who complete the scavenger hunt are entered to win a spot on a commercial that will promote Labiates Canadian history.

The marketing mix would include: Promotion and Place. This campaign would be promoted through TV and social media advertisements, as well as being promoted n beer and liquor stores where product can be purchased.

Product; The Labret Blue brand and tagging would be very important in this mix. Labret could create a new product line featuring flavored beers that will enter the spirit market, and target more women. These products could be repackaged in The marketing mix would include: all of the 4 As.

Product: new flavors of beer; Price: a new price point would be made for the new product; Placement/Distribution: The new product would be featured in all stores that sell Labret Blue; Promotion: The new reduce would be promoted through TV, social media commercials, as well as ads in liquor store flyers.

Labret needs to set themselves apart from their competitors. They could achieve this by playing on their tag line, “Out of the Blue”. This line gives off an energetic, spontaneous vibe that says anything can happen. Being “Out of the Blue” could show their target market that they are not the same as all of the other Canadian beer companies. Also read SWOT analysis of Ice Cream market

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Example: A commercial showing a group of hip, popular kids, drinking the same old beer at a dull party, making fun of the “loner”.

The “loner” grabs his Labret and ‘Out of the Blue’ he becomes the life of the party. The marketing mix would include: Promotion; The commercial would be aired on TV as well as on social media sites (Youth). Product; The Labret Blue brand, image and tagging would be a part of this recommendation. Labret could be using their CFML and NIL ties to promote their product during game season. They could achieve this by doing more TV ads during the games that promote their Canadian image. Through TV advertising.

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