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Swot analysis of Cellos

For broadband, speed is good during the first 7 days after activation, and then the speed goes slower later on.

Opportunities Threats

New technology is developing like mushrooms, so when there are new telecommunication gadgets, there will be opportunities to explore in. Growth of people using hand phones and internet services provides more market opportunities. Expanding their business to overseas. Building more maxis centers especially suburban areas. New events and occasions to be sponsored.

Soot analysis By humidifying company are competing with maxis. Maxis customer switch to different telex in terms to enjoy the service and benefits by their competitor. New rules stating that all the hand phone users must register their number to their own respected telex centre. Financial crisis, economical issues or natural disaster.


The major competitors are DIG and Cellos respectively according to their level of threat.

Objectives and Strategy of Dig

The main objectives of Dig are to become the main market leader in Malaysian market. This they have done by implementing many marketing strategies to persuade customers.

This strategy includes the Dig family and friends, 18 cent per any local all, reward on reload according to the amount reloaded within a month and mass advertisement. Strengths of Dig The main strength of

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Dig is the market size they occupy through their extensive marketing strategy and promotions. This has made them one of the market leaders and their service are largely demanded across the Malaysian market.

Weakness of Dig

Their main weakness is limited coverage across Malaysia and the world. For example, sometimes when you send message to African continent with DIG, the message will not be delivered to the recipient.

Objectives and Strategy of Cellos

Maxis are one of the new entries into the telecommunication service providers market, and their main objective is to get as much customers as they could. This they have down through mass advertisement, sponsoring sports programmers, rewards to their customers and organizing shows for students and the public at large.

Strength of Cellos

Their sponsorships for sporting programming is drawing many customers attention since Malaysia is a country vast in sporting activities.

Weakness of Cellos

Their services are inconsistent, due to poor and limited coverage as well as products features.

Maxis Competitive Advantage

Being the oldest and most experienced amongst the three, Maxis has many posses the highest trend in the market share, giving the highest coverage, many products features and having the highest customer size in the Malaysian market. They are applying many future strategies to maintain their position as the market leader in the Malaysian market like niche marketing, business package development, intercontinental and international service expansion. DIG vs. MAXIS vs. Cellos

Postpaid Plan Current Problems

1. Maxis are a communication and internet technology based company which revised various kinds of services.

2 . In the ever-challenging market, Maxis had to compete against other company that provides the same services.

3. Rate plans and marketing strategies plays an important role for Maxis to gain success in sales figures.

4. Other than that, having good customer services could increase peoples trust on them.

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