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SWOT analysis of Mobile operator

Latest and low-cost technology

Snapped rural market


1. New entrant’s low price offering

2. Saturation point in Basic telephony service

3. Mobile Number Portability

SWOT analysis By Disharmony-Bundled Organizational structure of AVOIDANCE :

3. I am the store manager of Retailer Company.

Store Operations & Audit / Compliance: Store Operator in line with pre-defined SOPs Ensuring that the look and feel of the store is as per guidelines/standards Ensuring/ reporting Inventory and Stock availability as per the norms to prevent stock-outs

People Development / Team Management:

Acting as a mentor and trainer for store staff

To ensure daily roistering & briefing to inbound & outbound store staff

Customer Experience: Manage staff allocation based on demand at point in time

Personally step in to handle demanding customers

Provide suggestions for improvements in CE 4.

A. On Diversity and Cultural spread in Africa, As Africa consists of 53 countries, to operate successfully it is important to understand the dynamics of each country, including differences in culture, language ND especially regulations.

Birth would do well to put in place as few expatriates as possible and have most of its top management from Africa.

B. On Infrastructure sharing and cost / capital issues, The biggest driver of network sharing will be the shift in approach of the biggest operators, who

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had been unwilling to share network to sustain competitive advantage. There is visible network sharing in the markets of Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, and that this is likely to pick up in other markets.

C. On Birth Arête’s Minute Factor Model, Network sharing and IT outsourcing would help operators bring down costs. While costs could trend down, however they will be higher than in India because of some of the structural costs caused by power shortage and poor infrastructure.

5. Birth Retailer has a history of making first moves and emerging as the winner Just because of that. This is what built the company’s success in India, where it remains the top MONO and second-largest fixed-line operator.

In fact, thanks to the massive arrest it serves at home, at the time it acquired the Gain portfolio in March 2010 Retailer was reckoned to be the fifth largest mobile operator in the world on a proportional subscriber basis, putting it behind the likes of China Mobile, Avoidance Group, American Movie and Telephonic, but ahead of China Unisom. As has been widely covered for over a year now, Retailer has been looking at Africa as a new growth market. While it has a deal with Avoidance for the Channel Islands, Africa is the only other territory outside the Indian subcontinent (including Bangladesh and Sir Lankan)

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