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New Orleans Saints Diver University Analysis

Analysis – New Orleans Saints Diver University

The organization that I have chosen to do my SWOT analysis on is the New Orleans Saints football team. They are among the most successful teams of this decade but not ranked very high as far as most lucrative organizations in the National Football League. They are currently ranked 23rd among the 30 active teams in the national football league. The organization was formed and became a repressions football team in 1967.

The team got its nickname due to its founding being on All Saints Day on November 1, 1967. The team initially one of the weaker franchises in the league. It didn’t win many games and struggled to sell out games. They have won one Super Bowl title, 5 Division Championships, and made only 9 playoff appearances in its 46 year existence. The ultimate goal of this organization is to win football games and generate revenue by selling tickets and merchandise.

Some of the strengths that the Saints currently have are a strong roster which will help them achieve this goal. They have Drew Breed who is among the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. As well as several other players that are considered

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some of the best at their position. By making the roster stronger the Saints increase the chance that they win games thus also increasing the chance that they will generate revenue. By winning games they will generate interest in their reduce and sell tickets to games.

Also as the popularity of the team they sell merchandise. Jersey sells will increase as well as sells of other team apparel. However a potential pitfall is the possibility of injuries to the top players on the team. As we know football is an incredibly vicious sport. Injuries tend to happen every season and it is extremely difficult to forecast these injuries. If injuries were to continuously happen then the chance of the Saints having a successful and lucrative season.

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