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SWOT Analysis of Avoidance (mobile communication company)

Company Name:

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To enrich our customer’s lives through the unique power of mobile communication

Introduction: Avoidance is world’s leading international mobile communications company. On 21st September 2007, its brand was founded. Hutch, the famous brand, was changed to Avoidance across India. That added an important chapter in the growth of Avoidance as an active and ever-developing brand. It was revealed nationwide through a high profile effort and it covers all essential media.


There are six global goals of Avoidance. First one is being a responsible regarding seines. In which the issues of ethics are included. In order to complete their goals, companies have different strategies. There is eight key Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) strategies in Avoidance. This plays a vital role to accomplish its global goal to be a responsible regarding business. Responsible marketing is one of these goals. For instance: company’s decision not to send bulk unsolicited emails and text messages to its users. Customers have to select to opt- in to receive communications.

SWOT Analysis of Avoidance: There are strengths and Opportunities of every company which allows that company o leady in the related industry. Similarly, Weaknesses and Threats of that company restrict the progress of that company.


1) Diversified geographical portfolio with strong mobile telecommunications operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific and to some extent the US.

2) The infrastructure of its network is very strong which provides its customers strong signals.

3) Avoidance is counted as a leading industry in the market like India.


1) There are very few rural areas which are covered but mostly rural area aren’t overfed with network.

2) The return on assets (ROAR) is in negative due to the key competitors such as AT&T, BAT Group and Deutsche Telecoms.

3) Business of Avoidance in US is not as good as in Europe as well as in rest of the world.


1) They can update their technology as technology is the need of current era because research and development regarding to new mobile technologies is in demand.

2) Focus on cheaper service charges for improving returns.

3) New markets are always open to get in, so, this is the time to put their steps in.


1) Market is very highly competitive, everyday new companies are being introduced.

2) Penetration rates are very high especially in European markets.

3) Its position is far behind many competitors in the US.


Overall, we’ve noticed that Avoidance is very well known company which can bloom its SWOT Analysis By clockmaker means that everybody has easy access to it all the time 24 hours availability. So, it’d be a great idea to provide other services to the customers such as online utilities bill payment.

Nowadays people don’t have enough time to stand in the lines to pay utility ills and waste their time while going to Job. This is the way people pay utility bills in India. People can use internet to pay bills but everybody doesn’t have access to internet in India. If Avoidance provides services to pay bill through their managed options, then Avoidance can charge a little and get more customers. This way Avoidance can enter into a new market. Read  Siemens SWOT Analysis

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