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SWOT Analysis and Personal Assessment Essay

In life there are stages that a person must go through. As a child, our parents teach us and hone our personalities in order for us to be good individuals. Each and everyday, our parents guide in every step that we make. They teach us how to walk, to eat, to speak and that likes. After such certain stage, there is a need for individuals to go to school and learn academics. For many years, teachers and professors train us to be good students—to follow instructions and learn things needed for our future.

Teachers and professors taught us how to read, to recite, to present our personal points of views as well as analyze various types of situation whether it will be in politics, theories and even our personal lives. Through all the stages of life that a person must go through, he or she is honed by various types of learning in life, academics as well as dealing with various types of people. Strengths: In my personal assessment, I believe all the learning that I have gained during my childhood until my current age is a part of the things I could see as strength, weakness, and opportunity, and threat

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for my future choice of career.

As a young man, I have gained various learning regarding life. My parents taught me to be someone very detail oriented. Although I am a man, my mother taught me how to be keen with details most especially with the school works that I do. Whenever I have an art project during my grade school days, she would often say that I must pay attention to the details of the project like the lines, the colors and the likes due because it brings life to the art work. Due to this, I have absorbed my mother’s words and I incorporated it in my personal life.

In addition to my learning from my mother, I have learned a lot during my high school days. It is known to us the high school life is one of the most exciting parts of life. Teenagers meet various types of teens their age. During this time of my life, I was exploring. I was meeting various types of people and I was interacting with them. Through this stage in my life, I have learned how to deal with interact with different people no matter what age, gender and ethnicity they are. I was able to see that relating with other people makes the different works easier to deal with.

Until my current age, I am able to exercise this kind of perspective. From then until now, I am fond of working with teams. I see that being with a team makes the tasks a lot easier because there are many hands working in one project. There are many types of opinions that could make that work much excellent compared with working alone. Although I believe in such, I had often worked by myself. Through working single-handedly, my own creativity, ideas and perspective are being expressed. With such situations, working alone gives me the opportunity to explore my own abilities and create my own style in working.

Weaknesses: Personally, I do not believe in weaknesses for the reason that weaknesses could also be our strengths depending on the call of the situation. However one of my weaknesses is being playful. In every task that I need to do, I always find a way to enjoy the things but sometimes I go overboard to being playful. Sometimes, my team members see me as a burden but later on I prove them wrong. On the other hand, whenever I things alone I tend also be playful which leads me to not finishing the work immediately. Another weakness that I have is my fear of failing.

Although this could also fall as strength, I do believe that being afraid of such situation makes me less of a risk taker. Many people have told me that I need to be a risk taker in order to experience life. In addition, I have realized that learning how to risk will lead me to be more creative and innovative. Opportunities: I am very interested in gadgets and new innovations which are currently used. As an opportunity, this type of interest would enable me to flow with trends in different types of technologies. This opportunity will make me more advanced compared to other individuals who are not interested in such developments.

Therefore I have better knowledge in technological developments as well as the various types of machineries, gadgets and the likes. Personally, I am a friendly person. I have been socializing with various types of people since I was young. I also have close ties with my classmates way, way back and until now we still have connections. Through the connections I have built in my school, in my organizations and at home I do believe that this is an opportunity for me to reach out many people. If I were to be in the sales and marketing career, having numerous number of networks will help me to prosper in such type of profession.

Accordingly, having many connections will help me to know more about other better opportunities which would assist me to attain the goals that I want for myself. Threat: Similar to the weaknesses that I have, I also do not believe in the threats that I have for myself. Although there are certain skills that some my find obsolete or will hamper the way for my success I still think that all skills that I have would be helpful in building a soaring career. Some may find family as a threat however; I do not see that having such would pull me down to the path that I do not want follow.

My family has always been my support system. Knowing that they are always there to give me support and assist me whenever possible is something that I treasure. I do not see it as a threat but a strength. On the other hand, I have been conflicted in the things that I want to do. I always wanted to explore different things. I keep on shifting interests and I do not seem to have “loyalty” in the various things that I perform. I see this characteristic that I have due to the reason that I do not have permanency in terms of interest. I could enjoy some responsibility but later on I would easily be bored with it.

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