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Swot and Long Pest on Kerrygroup

Serology Strengths Wide Range of Pork Products Number of different types of products – Different target markets Consistently top 5 selling in each category Core Technological strengths in savory, sweet nutritional systems (research and Developments Close working relationship with retail customers to successfully develop business relationship One of the leading consumer brands in Europe and Ireland Strongest Distribution network Weaknesses Have competing brands in most categories.

Limited market share and pressure from competitive markets. Over dependence in flavors and additives Cost volatility due to raw material. Fragmentation of ingredient and flavors Opportunities Political Economical Social Environmental Technical Local Consumers with more disposable income (Potential for Increase sales) Good relationships with local suppliers Opportunity Strong Research and development Good Technological infrastructure.

Soot and Long Pest on Grouper By Staffed Pressure from Food standards agency for food labeling (Potential to move into low at/ Diet products) or Threat for Stricter control) Legislation laws and taxes Slow Growth Opportunity that growth is returning Competition with smaller suppliers Opportunity to see neigh market and supply that ii premium ham in Delis Emigration People living a healthier life style opportunity Informed Consumers Opportunity New opening markets (new tastes and flavors) Global America lifting ban on Pork

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Imports Opportunity for a completely new market Pressure on Ireland about corporation tax threat On-going trade talks with china Opportunity Membership in free trade areas. Opportunity International downturn threat Increasing Fuel Costs Threat Grown Varieties and flavors Opportunity Increase incommoding costs threat Cultural Barriers Opportunity and threat New markets with own resources Opportunity Increase in Demand on Irish Dairy Produce Opportunities Rising preference for branded labels (more trustworthy) Opportunities Increased demand for ready meals Opportunity Lack of rain – no crops not feeding animals for pork products (supply Shortages)Threat Limited agricultural land around the world. Threat Risk of Livestock despise spreading with international stock THREAT Environmental

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