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Management accounting business

1. Background Information The following hypothetical situation will be considered in order to illustrate the preparation of functional and master budgets. Maggie Lee has recently commenced the operations of a...
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History of Accounting

A person’s daily activities consist of making decisions, from personal, political, economic, or social nature. Often people rely on relevant information to make a decision. One pertinent information people deal...
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Unethical Behavior in Accounting

The Enron scandal in 2001 had a significant impact in regulating the accounting practice. The scandal is considered by many as the worst example of unethical accounting behavior in the...
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Financial and Managerial Accounting

Financial and Managerial Accounting             To make a sound economic decision based on a firm’s performance, you must first understand and know the different accounting methods and principles that can...
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Financial Statements in Accounting

Financial Statements in Accounting 1. Why are the dates on financial statements important?  How do the primary financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow) tie together?  What managerial...
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Managerial accounting

Describe in detail the method used in administering the operating budget or the capital budget for your organization. In the modern business world, budgeting is the prime objective and a...
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Managerial Accounting

Aside from legal and ethical implications, Accounting Technology has played an important role in keeping track of corporate numbers. Traditional paper based methods are often prone to human errors, providing...
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Financial Accounting and Reporting

Outlines of Accounting Pronouncements As indicated previously, this manual consists of 14 modules designed to facilitate your study for the Financial Accounting and Reporting section of the Uniform CPA Examination....
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