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Central Bank: Bank de Italia

According to Article 105(2) of the Maastricht Treaty and Article 3(1) of the Statute of the ESCB/E in the European permissible structure, there shall be endorsement of the even functioning...
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World bank

Unemployment is one of the most important concerns of nowdays. Today, when the population of the Earth grows and the technical progress continues depriving people of working places, unemployment is...
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Korea’s bank crisis

1. Outburst of the Currency Crisis First, we discuss about the origin of the currency crisis in Korea in 1997. in the year 1996, the GDP growth of the economy...
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E-banking can be defined as “A process that allows a customer to perform banking transactions online without visiting the institution physically. ” It is sometimes used interchangeably with virtual banking,...
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UK Banking System – Banking and Finance

Sophisticated commercial, financial and professional services developed in the City of London during the 19th century to support Britain's position as the world's largest trading nation. Today Britain has a...
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Merger and Acquisition in Nigerian Banks

The current credit crisis and the transatlantic mortgage financial turmoil have questioned the effectiveness of bank consolidation programme as a remedy for financial stability and monetary policy in correcting the...
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Strategic HRM at the World Bank

Forced choice does not meet developmental needs and does not allow the appraiser to interpret the ratings correctly at times. Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) and Behavioural Observations Scale (BOS)...
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Washington Trust Bancorp

Washington Trust bank is one of the oldest community banks in America founded in Westerly on August 22,1800 and named after. George Washington, the first president of the USA. The...
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