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Brand Positioning

Brands have the power to build or destroy a company. Brand is the most precious asset a company has. Brand provides a company with distinctive image and recognition. Strong brand...

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New brand

Burger King is a fast food chain company. It is the world’s second largest fast food hamburger restaurant. Its major product lines include sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, salads, hash browns, coffee,...

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Brand management strategy

To develop a brand management strategy, it is important to determine the right position of your brand. Position is about the place the brand has taken in the mind of...

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Samsung vs Sony

Trying to break out onto the Asian economy sounds like its all sunshine and rainbows, with the high GDP growth, the booming economy and high young population numbers. But with...

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International brand names

International brand names A brand name is good collection of experiences and association that can be attached to a company, a product or a service, an organization or an entity....

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When Quality is the Brand

Collectively around the world, Heinz is identified as a favorite dip for French fries. We know it’s the world famous ketchup, and that’s what we mainly recognize about it. But...

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A brand is & Product

A brand is an intangible attributes of a product, arisen out of gut feeling and perception of the customers. With globalization brands have travelled across geographies and explored new markets...

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