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Competition is good for business

Aldous Huxley was a writer of several novels, including the most famous Brave New World. He was born on 1894 and died on 1963. His interest includes politics, philosophy, parapsychology,...
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Legal Forms of Business

There are three different legal forms of business and all vary in levels of liability, ownership, and P&L control. An inventor who has developed a new product needs to determine...
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The New Age of Doing Business

A business organization these days is no longer simply synonymous to profit-generation. Slowly, the age wherein profit is the name of the game is coming to its end, replaced by...
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The International Business Division

The International Business Division (IBD) is the agricultural commodities export division of the ITC. Its relatively insignificant contribution to the group sales was evident from the fact that IBD had...
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Business Process Re-engineering

Business process reengineering is a methodology for protecting the concept building and nurturing of the existing processes in place and to further enhance the building of the innovative stages for...
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CRM systems

The durability of HSBC’s continued success on a global scale will depend on their ability to deliver products and services that their customers truly value. Barriers to imitation are low...
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Associates Inc

The following is a comprehensive checklist of items to include when calculating the cost of turnover in any organization. To determine the costs, have the hourly and weekly cost of...
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