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Business Ethics

Ethics refers to the practice of applying morals and values to various situations. In a business or professional setting, ethics can be defined as a professional code of conduct. Most...

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Business loans

The buzz in finance today is $1 is more valuable than $1 a year from now. For any currency whether dollar or euro inflation has negative impacts on returns on...

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Business strategy

According to virgin atlantic’s press office the objective of the airline is to fly a profitable airline tthat people love to fly and where people love to work. They are...

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Business environment

The Virgin Group refers to a number of companies that are operated as separate business entities, but which all originated or are otherwise connected with the brand that Sir Richard...

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Business Regulation

The fundamental law of the land plays a vital role in regulating the activities of businesses. Being a backbone of economy, it is also essential that these businesses be protected...

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Business Relationships

UPS Company does not only satisfy its statistical accounts and assets, and internal organization but also the public utilizing their services. Unlike other delivery systems, UPS is more oriented in...

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Small vs Large Organisation

Porter, Lawler and Hackman (1975) state that organisation is a social entity, existing in order to achieve certain goals, involving specialisation and having some degree of permanence. It is composed...

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