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Poor communication

HRM is universally relevant within the hotel industry; that, among the hotels with an identifiable strategy (Hoque, 1999), those adopting an ethos of service quality coupled with a high number...
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Styles of Management and Communication

When work-based friendships lead to romance and off-the job sexual relationships managers and employers face a dilemma: Should they “monitor” these relationships order to protect the firm from potential legal...
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Management and Communication

To conclude, the problems faced by Human Resource Professionals while dealing with work place discrimination could be summarized as follows. Any kind of bullying at work could result in, decrease...
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Verbal communication

This bridge to employee trust and confidence requires effective communication strategies that promote healthy interactions between the team members and its manager. In addition the manager needs to ensure that...
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Mass communication

The development of the Internet, and MMORPG operating through the Internet, has resulted in the rapid growth of e-business and development of new communities which change all aspects of traditional...
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Communication process

In addition to the above, effective communication in an international environment requires the following as well: • Potentially wide time zones differences • Local work hours (including mid-day rest periods)....
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Online communication

Online communication has developed dramatically over the last few decades, along with the transactions which are carried out daily over the internet. These range from simple searches for information to...
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Program Communication

The bottom line is, employees must have job satisfaction so they could also provide good service to their clients or customers. In the same way, Disney has various ways to...
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