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Communication technologies

The technological challenges are those of taking the intellectual challenges and turning them into real working solutions that meet the expectations and requirements of their intended users. According to Abdou...
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Introduction to Mass Communication

The development of the mass media in the United States reflects the growth of the country, new inventions and technology, and changing attitudes about the role of government. The earliest...
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Personal communication

The primary goal of the sales department can be identified as search for new customer base. This broader goal was subdivided according to the type of products and corporate divisions,...
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Communication is a very a powerful tool which can be use to express what is inside us. Open-communication between parents and children is very significant. It helps the children to...
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Poor communication

HRM is universally relevant within the hotel industry; that, among the hotels with an identifiable strategy (Hoque, 1999), those adopting an ethos of service quality coupled with a high number...
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Styles of Management and Communication

When work-based friendships lead to romance and off-the job sexual relationships managers and employers face a dilemma: Should they “monitor” these relationships order to protect the firm from potential legal...
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Management and Communication

To conclude, the problems faced by Human Resource Professionals while dealing with work place discrimination could be summarized as follows. Any kind of bullying at work could result in, decrease...
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