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Companies Act

There had been innumerable petitions under s. 459 of the Companies Act 1985 for seeking relief by the shareholders of quasi-partnership companies where there were disputes. Lord Wilberforce had laid...
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The companies day- to-day affairs

“In terms of the manufacturing jobs,” said Vernon, “multinational enterprises have become a major factor … employed 3. 9 million persons outside the United States” (Vernon, 1990, p. 224). Unfortunately,...
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Companies include finance

Outsourcing is being carried out to quite a noticeable extent in order to alleviate costs (Makhnach, 2007). It is actually a subcontracting of tasks. Outsourcing of employees to low-cost countries...
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Companies in today’s

In addition, most companies in today’s modern world use DRM to keep a tight rein on the digital media content. This technology does not really stop copyright pirates but instead...
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Telecommunications Companies

This chapter is dealing with the research of theorists in the field of customer relationship management and the status of telecommunications sector in China and Chinese Telecommunications Companies in particular....
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Companies & IT

Nicholas Carr’s articles, which were mentioned earlier, mainly points out how the fast changing world of technology makes it hard for companies worldwide to consider IT as a measure of...
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Requirements of the Companies

Michael Hopkins (2005) defines Corporate Social Responsibility as “CSR is concerned with treating the stakeholders of the firm ethically or in a responsible manner. ‘Ethically or responsible’ means, treating key...
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Vendor companies

Management at Target has consistently shown resolve that demand is highly flexible and as consumers are price sensitive, any reduction in product cost would naturally put product quality under intense...
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