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SWOT analysis

The top rung of Wal-Mart executive body has to do the analysis on these lines to identify the strengths and weaknesses and decide on an appropriate remedial course of action....
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Consumer Impacts

With the increasing currency being given to environmental issues these days, the ecological impact of consumer goods is becoming a growing concern. Often such concerns are focused on such things...
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Online consumer

A customer entering a physical retail establishment is rarely given the opportunity to read the company’s mission, learn its history, review an itemized response to Frequently Asked Questions or locate...
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Rating system

In the information age, the Internet is a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and market share when utilized effectively. Not only is it cost-effective in reaching millions, but it...
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Consumer taste

Consumer taster is the study of why, how, what, when, where, and how often do consumers buy and consume different products and services. Knowledge of consumer taste is helpful to...
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Consumer Perception

The consensus seems to be that consumers like the pharmaceuticals and dislike pharmaceutical manufacturers. Consumers have created websites such as vaccinetruth. org, which criticizes Eli Lilly for legislation that has...
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Consumer Confidence

The rapid reduction of consumer spending on durables (such as houses, cars, etc) has caused production to fall. Orders for durable goods decreased by 4. 5% from August to September...
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