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Corporate Trends

International finance and economics has seen a shift as of late from smaller firms focusing on one particular product, to firms that are realizing the economic benefits of merging and...
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Corporate setups

Based on the foregoing, this paper finds Hermes principles to be applicable in corporate setups if the purpose is to have a maximum shareholder value. The adopted strategies of the...
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Corporate Life

Academicians and practitioners now see management as a spectrum of thoughts composed and influenced by different bodies of knowledge such as the physical and biological sciences. These great thinkers have...
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Corporate Finance

After analyzing the proposed project using the net present value method, I do recommend the acceptance of the project as it increases the shareholders wealth. The net present value of...
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Corporate ethics

If I was to give you an opportunity to attend a presentation on corporate ethics hedging, it will take you a substantial amount of time to grasp the concept behind...
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Corporate culture

Corporate Culture Also known as organizational culture comprises the attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values of an organization. It entails the specific collection of values and norms shared by people and...
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Corporate culture and Philosophy

The basic philosophy of the organization is “best service at low rates” and in order to facilitate these aims, managerial and administrative elements of UPS largely utilizes controls, rules and...
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Corporate citizenship

All said and done, the entry of Wal-Mart into a town causes significant mortality for many businesses. However, the public relations of Wal-Mart always insists that their drive to introduce...
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Corporate Culture

The ability of an organization in obtaining established goals and objectives is well sought in the idea that an organization connotes a “group” hence composed with individuals with specific job...
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The corporate culture of Enron

The corporate culture of Enron trading operations, relied heavily on complex transactions, and most of them reflected future deals. This was based on gambling game. Most of these gambles on...
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