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Corporate strategy

Widening use of the term "strategic human resource management" appears to reflect recognition of the interdependencies between strategy, organization, and human resource management in the functioning of the firm. Useful...
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Corporate Internationalization

Those were just some of the countries perspective on management that had been presented by Wint. In response to the perspectives that he has conducted, he provided analyses on the...
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Corporate reporting

Corporate reporting is the interaction among users and the company. This interaction is pragmatic and useful in making contact with shareholders and aspirant users. Aside from financial statements, necessary data...
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Investment Banking and Corporate Restructuring

There was a quickened pace of corporate restructuring in the 1980s. Many U. S. corporations radically changed their organizational form through mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and recapitalization. Corporate “raiders” played a...
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Corporate social responsibility

The following attributes have been identified by Royal Philips Electronics as the drivers for building up its reputation: ? Develop new/exciting products ? Leader in innovation ? Financially strong company...
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Corporate Trends

International finance and economics has seen a shift as of late from smaller firms focusing on one particular product, to firms that are realizing the economic benefits of merging and...
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Corporate setups

Based on the foregoing, this paper finds Hermes principles to be applicable in corporate setups if the purpose is to have a maximum shareholder value. The adopted strategies of the...
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Corporate Life

Academicians and practitioners now see management as a spectrum of thoughts composed and influenced by different bodies of knowledge such as the physical and biological sciences. These great thinkers have...
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