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Exxon Mobil Corporation

Thank you. Good morning and welcome to Exxon Mobil’s teleconference and webcast on our Q3 2007 financial and operating results. As you are aware from this morning’s press release we...
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General Motors Corporation

The regulation of capital market is evolving in ways that will continue to provide for the efficient managing and monitoring of the global markets. “Although the difference between success and...
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Analysis of Whirlpool Corporation

Analysis of Whirlpool Corporation has provided vital data and strategic understanding about the company’s overall development. Seeking to expand and promote itself, Whirlpool recognized that the enterprise resource planning (ERP)...
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Multinational Corporation

A multinational corporation (MNC) is a corporation or an enterprise that manages production or delivers services in more than one country. It can also be referred as an international corporation...
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Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation

Make sure the exporter company has an approved export license. Export of Canalized Items: An application for export of canalized items mentioned in ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import...
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JetBlue Airways Corporation

JetBlue Airways Corporation is a low-fare, low-cost airline that offers high-quality customer service mainly on point-to-point routes (JetBlue Airways Corporation, 2003). It intends to maintain a disciplined growth strategy by...
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Corporate Level Strategy

Diversification strategy is used to increase the firm’s value by improving its overall performance. Value here is created here either through related diversification ( my report) or through unrelated diversification...
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