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Customer and Market Focus

Japanese businessman built a relationship with the customers to meet and go above their expectations. Loyalty and repeat business was established with the customers, therefore the positive referrals from the...
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Customer service process performance

In additional to managerial policy, some researchers believe that simply collecting data or improving technology will serve to intervene in public agencies to improve service. In the area of the...
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Customer Satisfactions

Studies have shown a strong positive relationship between customer satisfactions and repurchase intentions (McDougall and Levesque 233-543; Caruana 87-126; Olsen 165-187). However, some researchers have suggested that mere satisfaction is...
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Online profiles of customers

Although the responses of the respondents varied from each other, the respondents all recognized the importance of customer relationship management in increasing the loyalty of one person to a supermarket....
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Customer Satisfaction

Service is one of the words we often hear in our daily lives. This particular word has had different meanings and impressions on many people. An example given by the...
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Angry customer

When dealing with an angry customer it is important to know the answers to the questions they have. This will help lower any hostile behavior they have towards the you,...
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Customer relationship

China’s telecommunications industry is at a point where its growth has come down by almost half from its peak of 20 % from 1997 to 2002 to about 11 %...
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Customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is regarded as a business strategy for acquisition and retention of the most valuable customers by a company. It has developed very rapidly in the past...
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Customer rating

As mentioned in Section 3. 2. 3. 2, the author also conducted interviews. Among the most crucial of which was with their CRM officer. However, due to time restrictions, it...
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