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All Customer Created Equal

Customers are the recipient of the commodity they are the very reason of the business existence. Customers cannot be created but it can only be influenced whenever there is a...

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Customer Value Funnel

Customer value is what buyers get in a form of utility from products and services they are paying for. This demonstrates that there is a difference in how different groups...

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Customer of the Wonderlic

To attain this status, certain standards of excellence must be achieved by the dealerships. Some of the standards are company culture, enlightened leadership, and care of people. In addition, the...

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Customer relationship management

Nowadays the trend of customer relationship management is increasing day by day. More and more companies are becoming aware of the fact how important customer relationship management is. As the...

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Customer obsession

Indeed, E-Grocery counts among its competitors large firms – including `adventure’ mega complexes and seasoned retail players capitalizing on brand strength and backed by decades of retailing experience and enormous...

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E-Commerce Customer Service

Technological change has been one of the driving forces of business activities in this fast changing international trading scenario. The revolution in information technology and the highly sophisticated communication networks...

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Customer building

List building. Customer’s will be required to supply their e-mail address to VirusShield when making purchases and when downloading products for the free trial period. In this way, VirusShield will...

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