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Hotel Link training and customer service

Although hotels vary in using their strategies for a training program, they share the same goals of improving their system, sustain high quality customer service and established profitability through effective...
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Customer Focus

TQM’s top-most priority is to bring acute level of satisfaction when it comes to dealing with the customer. Simply put, a TQM business enterprise is all about customer satisfaction. To...
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Customer service

Due to high volume of sales of McDonalds around the globe, the manual or low level storing data system is not anymore a product of efficiency for the organization. Therefore,...
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Delphi’s largest customer

Labor unions has approached the auto parts supplier Delphi to propose giving its factory workers $50,000 in exchange for a 40 percent reduction in pay, according to union officials. The...
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Customize information

An Internet browser enables customers to manipulate and customize information. However, not all of the sites allow the same level of interactivity to customers. A site that allows quick manipulation...
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Customer Goals and Constraints

One major ongoing goal of Verizon is to provide the best customer service possible. National accounts are very important to Verizon’s business model and they are a major focus in...
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All Customer Created Equal

Customers are the recipient of the commodity they are the very reason of the business existence. Customers cannot be created but it can only be influenced whenever there is a...
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