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Research Development

Maytag current situation is its being ranked from second to fourth in terms of market share of its core products like refrigerator, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers. The company wants...
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System Development

The pursuit for the new database system is to sustain the leadership in the proposed effort for the internal accountability that plays a pivotal role to such desired IT initiatives....
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Training & Development

Human recourse plays a major role in the success of the company and correlates with HRM policies and requires matching with the firm’s strategy and goals. There are three major...
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Development Life Cycle

The above two models represent the traditional approaches to software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies. At the time of their conception, they were complex processes and served best for the...
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Hutchison Whampoa

The importance of new product development The Hutchison Whampoa of the past is just like any typical traditional mobile phone company– focusing on tangibles such as products and place, while...
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Customer relationship management

The creation of customer satisfaction with the product and their treatment is a certain way to make repeat business. This is not, of course, exclusively the responsibility of the marketing...
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Human Resource Practices

The article is devoted to the exploration of black box existing between company’s performance and human resource practices. Special attention in the article is paid to examining relationships between a...
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Systems Development Life Cycle

When all the needed documentation is done, and all of the requirements had been finalized, the actual coding of the system would take place. Here, the program is written based...
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Еhe development of competency

The issues associated with the development of competency – based reward systems include those associated with the definition of competencies, methods of linking competencies with pay, the objectives behind linking...
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